Tuesday, September 18

20 Household Uses For Clear Nail Polish

Morning Ladies! well and guys, if you are reading too:) I've been feeling a little groggy lately, probably in part to the funny diet I've been eating, and partly because I'm anticipating Martin leaving again, this time for NYC which I'm super excited about don't get me wrong! You know how it is though with your hubby/boyfriend/lover goes away and leaves you with three kids right? haha Maybe not the kids part for some of you:)
Anyways, today I'm going to share something maybe a little funny, but that I've been wanting to clue you in on for a while: The many uses for clear nail polish! I'm pretty sure that most of us ladies know that you can use it for runs in your hose, but there are scores of other uses for the stuff in and around your home, and I'm going to share 20 with you today! 
Did you also know that you can use it to:
  1. Coat non-sterling silver rings to keep from tarnishing, as well as nuts and bolts and other metals from rusting.
  2. Smooth splinters and rough areas on old vintage wood hangers.
  3. Tame frayed fabric edges and keep from further unraveling by adding a few drops to the back of the fabric.
  4. Mark your thermostat and shower on the perfect temperature setting. You'll only see it up close and have the perfect temp every time with no fiddling. 
  5. Remove your warts! Apply a good amount to the effected area and reapply as needed, and watch warts deminish and disappear altogether.
  6. Quick fix for most of your adhesive needs! Use it to secure loose glasses screws, reset jewelry stones, or repair small wood chips in furniture or hardwood floors.
  7. Stop a tiny hole in your window screen from turning into a big problem by sealing the hole with a small ammount of polish.
  8. Make important drug medicine and cleaner labels last by giving a good coat of the stuff.
  9. Help seal your envelopes when sending off a big batch of letters, instead of tasting that nasty glue for the rest of the day.
  10. Keep small dings or chips in your car from rusting or enlarging by dabbing a small ammount to the suffering area.
  11. Shellac your vintage belt buckles  with a coat to ensure they stay bright and shiny. This will prevent oxidation. 
  12. Soften the sharp edge of a cracked or broken mirror by applying a thick coat.
  13. Keep your generous salt shaker from over-dousing your food by applying polish to a few of the holes to restrict some of the salt.
  14. Stop a small chip or crack in your windshield from spreading by covering well with polish. You'll still wanna repair your windshield, but now you have time to find the best deal out there:)
  15. Secure buttons by putting a dollop of polish in the center. This will keep them from ever coming undone! If you have a vintage coat or dress with pearl buttons,  then give the whole thing a coat to keep them shinny!
  16. Waterproof your matches before camping or storing near wet or moisture by coating the flammable ends lightly. the polish will come off when you scratch to light.
  17. Repair unraveling laces by coating the ends pinching to seal. Make sure to give them time to dry before using them:)
  18. Help you in threading a needle! You can drag the end through the applicater and roll the end through your fingers. It will dry in a second and make threading a breeze.
  19. avoid rust rings in your shower or on your counter from hairspray or shaving cream. Applying a small ammount the to the metal ring will keep it from rusting and staining.
  20. And last but not least, the old panty hose trick:) Stop runs or snags permanantly and prolong the life of your favorite tights by applying to each end of the run. I just keep a bottle in my purse for emergencies:)
There you have it! I hope this list has been helpful and inspiring in some way shape or form:) Actually my real reason for sharing this list is so you can see all the ideas I have already and add your own to the list since I'm clear-ly obsessed with the stuff (no pun intended:)) So leave a comment below telling me your secret! I wanna hear!

Have a awesome day lovelies, and eat your veggies!
xo, Emily

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  1. Great tips, Emily. I'd heard of the jewelry one but not a lot of others. I used to coat my charm bracelets with the stuff and it helped keep the flat charms from falling off.

  2. i wish i had known of number 9 when i was sending my wedding invites yesterday!! lol!!!
    thanks for sharing this is awesome! <3

  3. Great post ! I would never imagine nail polish is so helpful !

    XX Luba
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  4. love your post !! nice posting. mind to following each other?

  5. You are forever full of brilliant ideas... I love all of your posts:0)

  6. Wow thanks.. I never thought it can do that all, very helpful post!

  7. Some of these were really suprising! Who knew nailpolish would such a good life saver!? x

  8. Good morning, dear! I just wanted to stop over and let you know that I featured your clever little post on my A Little Sunday Potluck post this morning. :) Please click on over to check it out and grab your Featured button if you feel so inclined...

  9. I used polish on my glasses when the inside of one earpiece started to peel off. Kept me from ripping my hair out every time I took them off! :P

  10. Wow! These tips are super helpful!