Thursday, August 30

Month in Review: August

Happy (almost!) last day of August! As much as I love the summer months, I'm so so excited about entering September (favorite month ever) because it is teh month where we officially transition from Summer to Fall! (favorite season ever)
Today I'm going to do a little review of some of the most popular posts from my blog during  the month of August(inspired my the lovely Rachele). I hope you enjoy taking a little peek!
Martin's Black Forrest Chill Cake
What I Wore// Florals and a Floppy Hat
Perfect Fair Funnel Cakes
What I Wore// Wedges and Clusters
Hair Tutorial// The Easy Headband Tuck
What I Wore// Leopard and Lipstick
Lavender Lemon Shortbread Bars
Things I'm grateful for:
- Martin coming home after two weeks adsense
- an oven that has accurate temperature 
- little girls that get along
- a little boy that squeals in delight
- things turning out differently then I'd planned
Favorite new-found blogs:
- Boho Baby Bump
- Twinkie Chan
- Man Repeller
- Fancy Treehouse
Special events in August: 
- my brother and his awesome family of 9 came for a visit
- John was blessed
- we got a family plan at the local YMCA
- I made a huge list of resolutons for fall
Things I learned:
- there's no place like home
- two is better than one
- baby sneezes are the most precious thing
- peanut butter makes everything better
- I'm stronger then I thought

Have a lovely, lovely day!
xo, Emily


  1. Such a lovely post! I love all the things you wrote about wat u learnt.. And yea baby sneezes are precious!!!!

  2. So sweet, Emily! :-)

    I am so making that cake - it looks delicious!

  3. mmmm that cake looks tasty! This is a good idea for a post!