Saturday, July 14

Mixed Tape #8

Here is this months mixed tape! I love getting recommendations for new music from my blog friends, so here's a few songs that yours truly is liking right now!  
This month's mix is sort of what I think of for summertime: a few oldies for those summer nights in the kitchen, a few catchy ones for those early runs, and just some all around good listenings for whatever is taking up your time this summer:) 
Once again in case you're new, all the songs are lined right up in a "mix tape" format, with each song leading you to a YouTube video, and again let me say to not judge me because of the video content, you're just supposed to listen to the music, and of course enjoy the good tunes!
1. Telekinesis - Dirty Thing
2. Myth - Beach House
3. Summer Teeth - Wilco 
4. I've got a feelin' - Annett Hanshaw
5. Beach Comber - Real Estate
6. Elephant Gun Beirut 
7.  Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel

1. The Bird SongAlessi's Ark
2. Let 'Em InPaul McCartney & Wings
3. New Slang - The Shins
4. The Riddle Song - Doc Watson
5. The Show - Lenka
6. Suicide Policeman - Yuck
7. Only the Young - Brandon Flowers (awesome video)
8. Take Care - Beach House

I hope you've enjoyed today's little mix!! Did you find a new artist or song that you really like? I'd love to find out! Also if you'd like to see any of the other mixed tapes I've done here on the blog, just go here.

xoxo, Emily


  1. Great mixed tape! Real Estate is such a rad band. Great choices

    :] love.

  2. I love Simon & Garfunkel!! Awesome mix tape you have! I'm gonna have to do this!!!

  3. Love this! Especially side B. Love Lenka and Brandon Flowers and The Shins.

  4. Wow another Wilco listener! I don't know many people who know them.. We have all the albums.. Being there is my fave!

  5. Big big fan of the song :7. Only the Young - Brandon Flowers
    The funny thing is that I never listen to this song in the summer. For me it's more a winter song :)

    Stilll lovely though!


  6. What a cute idea making a mixtape like this! :) I love love loved The Show by Lenka, such a sweet song :)

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  7. Ha-ha - I love that you put side a and b. So clever. I love this idea. AND I hardly know any of these bands - that's exciting.

  8. love this thank you so much!!:)