Friday, July 13

Friday Finds #26 & a little on work

Working from home is all around pretty great. I get to be with my kiddies all day long, (and a lot of the time the Mr as well) getting paid a little to do all the things that I love. I get to plan out a day in the order that I wish, and if ever I need to just take a break and chill then I can! I'd be lying if I said I never get a little stir crazy at times, and get excited for even that quick errand for milk by myself, but that happens to the best of us right? And at the end of the day, the best part of my day is always the times with all the kids and Martin, talking about the work we got done that day, and about the progress we hope to make tomorrow. 
There are some really fun projects on my(our) plate right now and its always hard to go to bed instead of pushing something through to the finish line. Work in our house seems to always be referred to as 'projects', mostly I think because the word 'work' somehow means its going to be hard or obligatory, but I love to work! Don't get me wrong, I like not working too. But sometimes the lines between those two things gets really blurry. I guess I should say I like staying busy. You are far more likely to find me cleaning or creating than you are reading or lounging. (Mostly owing to the fact that I have large old house with a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and newborn:)) We just love making progress and doing "projects" around here I guess:) Besides, I'm saving up all my lounging for a beachy vacation someday.haha

This week I found...

...this sweet and lovely print by Lucky Jackson. Actually I found Lucky Jackson herself and discovered her amazing stitchery talents! haha This is one of my favorites..

...this light and easy summer outfit. Maybe I'm just hot (or modest about my thighs) but I picture it over a swim suit at the beach.haha Comfy!
love the style

...this pair of Nantes Pennon Earrings from anthro. I'm feeling very tribal lately and these look it to me, what do you think?  
nantes pennon earrings

...this adorable recipe for ice-cream cone Macaroons! You guys are going to think I'm obsessed with macaroons by how often I post them, but their just so cute!
Ice Cream Cone Macarons 

...this amazing glove clutch. There are several different kinds, but this is my favorite. I've never seen anything like these before, have you??

...this has got to be the coolest hair dryer ever! I can't say as to how efficient it would be, but the cool factor would for sure be there. lol
Coolest. Hairdryer. E V E R.  @Taysha Weprajetzky

...this tasty recipe for your own nut butters! I love love honey roasted peanuts, so blending them up to spread on my toast? Heaven in an idea.

...this beautiful set of linen bedding from GarnetHill. I just love the soft organic feel that all the colors have. I'd love to own every last one!
Yummy colors.  I'd wrap my whole house in these if I could.

...this cute DIY chalk paint mug from the lovely Amy of Vanagon Champion! I'd like to make a bunch of these for the fall and winter months.

...this pair of lace-up mary janes from GoJane. At least I didn't put on another pair of Christian Laboutin right? I could have! I so could have... But I love these too:)
lace-up mary jane heels $25.30

...this upcycled planters using tiny old jar! I'm so going to put some tiny plants like these in the window of my studio. Lots of fresh oxygen to boost creative brain power! plus their cute, no? :)

...this little bowl of dippin' dots! I'd totally forgotten about these! I miss these... its like confetti on your spoon! Cold, sweet confetti... mmm
dippin dots

Man I'm so inspired looking through these again! I hope you are too! What is your favorite link?
xo, Em


  1. Our duvet cover is from GarnetHill. I absolutely love the way it feels. So soft!

  2. That hair dryer is totally awesome!

  3. The embroidery hoop picture is hilarious! Great finds!


  4. Oh my goodness dippin' dots were seriously the greatest thing ever! Next time I visit my dad I will have to see if they still have any stores out there!

  5. I love the hoop art! So quirky and cute ^.^
    Also, that outfit is perfect!

    xoxo, jamie brooke

  6. Hi, I'm a new reader. You're such an inspiration! The wonderful way you love what you do, the way you talk about your family... you really inspired me! Can't wait to read more : ) Lots of love. Xx

  7. hahah hairdryer?:D omg thats so cool :D
    i also like this set on the beggining ;)

  8. these are such cute finds! :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  9. Great finds!


  10. GREAT post **

    I follow you :D

  11. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and following. Cute blog, of course I'm following back!

    House of Illusions

  12. LOVE the outfit you put together! It's perfect! Loving your blog!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer

  13. Love all of your finds! seeing those dippin dots made me want some!

    Elizabeth Willits