Friday, July 20

Friday Finds #27

Five things for Friday:
  1. Don't forget to check out my huge Chi Bling Giveaway here! You won't regret it:)
  2. Thank you to those of you that have been sending in requests for Hair tutorials! I love new challenges and I'm so excited to present them for you!
  3. Today Ellie is almost two and a half, and Sophie turns 15 months. wowzers!
  4. Yesterday those same girls jumped in the kiddie pool in their clothes after we got back from dinner. I couldn't be annoyed because they were having the time of their lives:)
  5. I'm still craving watermelon after like five months. Good thing its more in season now and so cheaper right?
This week I found...

...this comfy outfit from Polyvore. I'm a big comfort person you may have noticed (with all the five inch heels I wear:))

...this Matthew and Mary Paper doll set! This site has the whole group, or most of them at least, but these were my favorite. I love the dead Mr. pamuk in the corner. baha!

...this massize and tasty salad. So hungry all the sudden! and Inspired for salad. I love all those ingredients on a salad together, and this would fed my whole family! haha

...this casuel pair of sandle shoes from Again they just look so comfortable! Wihch reminds me also that I need to do my toes again soon...
GoMax Ares 09 Brown Braided Thong Sandals

...this picture was just too cute not to share. I don't actually own any cats, but I still have a little soft spot inmy heart for cats owned by others:)
tiny kittehs 

...this creative and yummy recipe from Elycia! I never would have thought of mixing the two, but they sound and look amazing don't they?! 

...this adorable retro picture of spring. I totally want to steal everything from this woman. Her bike, her hair, her dress, her...

...this collard shift dress from Top Shop. I'm so into stripes right now! and the collar is just the cherry on top.

...this copper and glass tree pendent from Etsy. I love the blooms on each limb, and the color is so pretty! I love.
Copper Tree Necklace Glass Picture Pendant Photo Pendant

...this super fun and easy MIY (make it yourself) from Chantilly. She always has such fun crafts and projects to do. Love the scallops!

...this amazing recipe for Rolo cupcakes! Alas I can only look but I can't touch... Unless I make, than I can eat eat eat! Good plan.
Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes

What things are inspiring you this week? 
xo, Em


  1. i love that image of the girl on the bike! i wanna go ride my bike now. and those kitties are adorable! and those rope sandals - awesome. really, just amazing finds overall.

    <3 katherine
    current giveaway on of corgis & cocktails

  2. Oh my gosh, there are so many great things in this post. Love that first outfit (those jeans and that handbag). Love the rope type sandals and those rolo cupcakes! Thanks for sharing such great finds!

  3. You found everything wonderful!! I love love love that striped dress! The kitties are cute too! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Awww the kitties are too cute! That salad looks delicious too - I'm not usually a salad person but YUM!

  5. Love love love these finds! Such great sources of inspiration!

  6. I LOVE the watch on the first pic! It's beyond beautiful!

    My Own Project

  7. This post is perfection! I cannot get over the Mary and Matthew paper dolls! That is so cool!

  8. loved all these images and ideas. Thanks for following my blog and commenting,,

    I'm your newest follower.. :=)

    your blog it's really cute and super interesting!!!

    THE CHIC AND CHEAP BLOG facebook page

  9. The first outfit is cute. My kinda style. :)