Saturday, June 9

Friday Finds #22... oh shut up:)

Since I can no longer blame it on pregnancy brain I really have no logical excuse as to how I forgot that yesterday was Friday and not today, but then again I suppose when you have three kiddos under the age of two things can tend to get a little frazzled in your brain at times:)
Friday was John's original due date, but instead of delivering a new baby we're sitting in our living room today with a ten day old baby asking ourselves "where did the time go??" Time has really flown by since our little boy was born, but we've tried to soak up every minute of it and have really had the time of our lives so far as a family of five. It seems to good to be true! 

Anyways:) this week I found...

...this pair of sperry's. I've never really been a huge fan (so I thought), but seeing pairs like this stripped one or the chevron pair I saw last week seriously make me reconsider! cute huh?

...this amazing trash the dress photo! makes me sad that I never did it, but than I love my dress too much. Any takers for a photo shoot with yours truely?? hehe

...this 'rust is history' top from Modcloth. Lovin lace this spring, and love this color on me actually! What do you think?

...this yummy yummy looking recipe for Pesto Potatoes & Eggs. So going to try this!

...this pictures of a tiny little piglet. He is living proof that just about every living species in the world is cuter in its infancy. haha

...k ya'll know I'm a huge fan of owls, and of steampunk at the moment, so how perfect is this pendent?! Yes. Perfect:) I love the mismatched eyes! so fun.
Steampunk Owl Pendent

...this neato idea for hidden storage on your book shelf! I could never bring myself to slice up those beautiful old books however:( no wonder its so spendy for a single
The Original Modern Library Storage Bin, Stylish Storage for cd's, dvd's, magazines, and other much loved clutter

...this awesome outside tile scrabble board! Martin introduced me to scrabble when we first got married and its been a favorite late night date game ever since. Maybe we'd just have to get a yard light? haha

...I know I'm bad...but, snickers cake? Come on! Mmm...more peanut butter:) haha
Snickers Icebox Cake Bakers Royale Snickers Cake

...these Guatemala Stripped Wedges from Lulu's. I'm going to rock these with some khaki shorts and a white shirt! Go me! haha
My ruca likted these… So I had to post it… ;)

...this amazing staircase! If I was brave enough (or crazy enough?) I would do this to a staircase in my house, but than again, I'd need a lot more than 13 steps for it to look this awesome!
Piano piano

Which item makes you smile? Tell me, I want to know:)
Have a terrific SATURDAY everybody! haha
xoxo, Em


  1. oh gosh, those stripped wedges from Lulu's are just wonderful!! :D

  2. those striped shoes are adorable! and that snickers cake? yummmmmm!

  3. These pics are awesome! Great blog! Following you :)

  4. omg --- that snickers cake is totally going to ruin my diet!!

  5. The snickers cake looks so yummy! Love the striped sperry's!

  6. Hey thanks for stopping by, following you back!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!! :)

    PS- This post has put so many ideas in my head for this week, lol

  7. I would pay anything to have those stairs...and that photo underwater?! Amazing! Now that I've been married for 10 years I would totally do it! I LOVE your blog!

  8. Your new flats are gorgeous, really really lovely :)

  9. Oh my goodness, I think all of that makes me smile! Love it!