Sunday, May 27

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: This week has meant lots of rest for us in preparation and anticipation for this little one. I've never had so many signs of arrival so early with no baby to show for it! While I'm glad that he's taking all the time he needs, I just hope he's not the type to crawl back inside once he's halfway out, because he sure is having a hard time making up his mind lately:) I feel that I've used the waiting time as best I can however and have put all this nestiness to good use I think. You should see my house! Well, maybe its nothing to write home about, but considering how incapacitated I feel, I'm proud when I can even push the vacuum.haha

Weekly Snapshots: Friendly stuffed animals waiting to keep little boy company, a family of five all ready for adventures, and a delicious berry tart.
Weeks Favorite: This entire pregnancy has meant a lot of newness all-around, but for the first time ever I found little blue blankets and socks in my laundry bin this week. I can't wait for little tootsies to fill those socks!
Next Week:  Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! We've heard people this past week demonstrate some frustration at all the hubbub for BBQ's and the like instead of people remembering the real reason for Memorial Day. Though I agree that there can be too much focus on the former, I would like to express that it is still a time not only to remember those that have gone before us, but to celebrate those that we have with us! Unless little baby decides to make an appearance, my little family will hopefully be visiting loved ones graves in the morning, and then spending quality time with family and friends. The rest of the week will be consumed with a new baby. *crosses fingers* I'll certainly keep you all posted!

Most popular post of the week: I received so much positive feedback about my Sock Bun Tutorial! Thanks so much ladies!

A Few Facts: 
  • I'm one of those funny people who sometimes wear glasses, even though I have perfect eyesight.
  • My next dream vacation with my prince charming would be Paris. (I know!)
  • We went from 91 degree weather and air conditioning one day, to wearing sweaters and turning the furnace back on the next. Awesome. 
Here's to a sunny Memorial Day everyone:) Hope you have a terrific week ahead!
xo, Emily


  1. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I am with you, Memorial day is about remembering and celebrating!

  2. Can't wait to see pic of him once he's finally here! And don't worry I'm a weirdo as well and wear glasses sometimes even though I have NO need for them haha!

  3. Looks like you are all ready! I hope it happens soon and quickly :)

  4. Good luck on everything. I hope everything runs smoothly. With my second child, she came out in 20 mins!!! Talk about quick! I am your newest follower, please follow me back. Thanks

  5. these are the most darling little snapshots. love seeing the stuffed animals...makes my heart just swoon. xo.

  6. Those bears and that tart? I am dying! I actually need glasses but only wear them sometimes as a fashion statement! Seriously though? THAT TART! and it;s gotta be healthy right? It's fruit haha