Friday, May 25

Friday Finds #21

Happy Friday everyone! I was hoping that I would be able to replace my Friday Finds this weekend with pictures of a new-found baby son, but alas, he has other things on his mind than coming out of his soggy, squished little house apparently. I've been having little bouts of painful consistent contractions here and there that always get me worked up, excited and nervous all tat the same time, only to calm down and prove unproductive. Needless to say I'm a bit wiped from all this jumpy preparedness.haha. Let's all cross our fingers that baby makes up his mind soon, because I'm not sure my ribs can take much more kicking.haha

This week I found...

...this recipe for chicken egg rolls from cake and allie. Yummy! I'm on a big egg roll kick at the moment. Don't they look delicious?
Chicken Egg Rolls on

...this wonderfully adorable tutorial for patching woo items. So happy I found this blog! Now to learn how to  do felting once  and for all...
Patching wool

...this strangly inspiring picture of much loved paint brushes. I don't even paint! But for some reason it gets me excited to express my creative side more or something...

...this mustache flask from etsy. I'm neither a drinker, nor a mustache sporting lady:) but again for some reason this is just too awesome to not share! 

...this recipe for Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache cupcakes. You had me at dark chocolate!... and hazelnut, and well...ganache...cupcake...
Hazelnut Ganache Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

..this apron! From anthro of course, only as much as I love it I'm thinking of making a skirt version!! I'm on a ruffle-love campaign...

...this checkered ravioli rolling pin!! I really must get one of these. I love ravioli, and this would be just the tool to get my pasta making skills the (big) boost they need.
Norpro Ravioli Rolling Pin

...this wrap watch from la mer collections. I've never been much of a wrist watch wearing kinda gal, but I  think I could make an exception for one like this!
Wrap watch

...these crocheted sandals! I'm huge on this type of sandal for pretty much spring through fall (pretty much whenever I'm not wearing heels) and I love these soft feminine version!

...this adorable picture and quote! ...We're gonna have a boy real soon honey:)

...oh. magosh. these grilled zucchini rolls with olives and goat cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about the taste. Never browse foodie blogs when you're hungry ladies! 
grilled zucchini rolls with herbed goat cheese & kalamata olives

...this wonderfully bohemien looking patchwork quilt! I love the patterns and the colors. very rustic and retro!

Well thanks for reading along today my dears! Again, maybe lend me a little happy thought in the next few days while this baby boy makes up his mind:) 
Also in the meantime, does anyone have any great author/book suggestions? We have a whole library upstairs, but I'm only in the mood for books that I know are going to be good when I start reading them.haha
Take care!
xo, Emmy


  1. Good luck to you!! I hope that the weekend is nice and easy but that your son doesn't make you wait to much longer :) Love all your picks for the day!

  2. what gorgeous finds!!!
    love love love that dress

  3. Those are some great finds! I'm not sure what sort of things you like to read, but if I know what genre you prefer, I might be able to suggest some! :]

  4. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  5. With an empty fridge and stomach I decided to search for new foodie blogs last night... you're right! It is pure self inflicted torture!

  6. so many pretties! I want that quilt, love the colours!

  7. I am in love with that apron! Good luck with the little one, and definitely read the Help if you haven't already.


  8. Hey dear, you are sharing just awesome your blog..keep sharing! thanks for following me..I am going to follow back with Love ~