Sunday, May 13

Weekend Wrap-up vlog!

This Week: First off, Happy Mothers Day! This has been quite the week. I've Spent the majority of it prepping for the baby as you can imagine, which has meant lots of time spent with the family on little shopping trips and errands here and there which is lots of fun for us. The girls love shopping even now so that makes it even more fun! I've had a few little baby scares, so I'm just taking it easy most of the time. We've had lots of my family here for a little reunion of sorts and so have spent the weekend enjoying lots of good conversation, food, and outdoor activities. Here's to a pretty great week!

Weekly Snapshots: This is just a little silly bunch of video clips from the last couple of months. The last week or so I was thinking it would be neat to add a video on here and realized that I could just use footage that I've been taking a little of here and there for the last few months. I should probably make a video a regular feature on here to encourage myself to take more videos of my family and all our doings. I'm not even in this one sadly (we'll work on that in the future:)) but at least you get to see the hubster and kiddies moving.haha Although martin may kill me for starting it out with him munching while driving:) Anyways here is the first installment of our weekend wrap--up Vlog style! Hope you enjoy:)
Next Week: We've set aside the next week to be a 'rest week'. We've actually been calling it that. Doesn't that sound nice? My midwife is a little worried with the fast few scares we've had that this little guy may decide to come before he's full term, so starting now we're going to take it easy and rest until around thursday at least, when I will be considered full term (38 weeks). I was joking to martin that I don't know a woman alive that would try to keep her baby inside for just a bit longer once she's so near the end, but I can't deliver at home if he's too early! So we rest... and we'll love it:)

Most popular post of the week: The Garlic Dressing Recipe

A Few Facts: 
  • I'd never had a taste of anything chocolate till I was about 14.
  • Martin and I went to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon:)
  • I love, love steamed broccoli, but really hate, hate dislike, dislike raw broccoli.
Xo, Emmy


  1. Aww, that was too cute! I love the rock throwing, the gentle breezes, and Sophie's shy waving!

  2. Typo! You are much further than 28 weeks if you are almost full term. Just saying! You little family is beautiful!

  3. Bravo, Emily the soundtrack is perfection for the video-well done!

  4. happy mothers day! and fun fact: i LOVE broccoli like it's probably my favorite veggie! :)

  5. Great video! Hope you had a nice relaxing Mothers Day!

  6. Aw! Too cute, Emily - your daughters are sweet. =)

  7. Hey I am a new reader and I just wanted to say that I think your maternity series is so sweet! When your little boy is old enough to read that is going to mean so much to him :) I can't wait to have kids of my own so I can do stuff like that. Have a great day!