Wednesday, March 28

A party for a princess

Afternoon all! As you know our oldest Ellie turned two last week, and in the rush of things lately I was never able to share a few photos from her little party that we had, so here they are! 
We decided to just have a small family affair mostly, which wasn't very small even still because we're lucky enough to have so much family so close by! 
Ellie couldn't have been happier than to spend the afternoon playing with all her cousins and and friends, and having grandparents and great-grandparents there as well was just so exciting for her. 
We found ourselves going with a sort of princess theme, so why not dress her for the part? She could tell that morning putting on that "chuut and pitty" dress (as Ellie called it) that it was a special day.
Sophie must have known it was Ellie's birthday, because she was just a quiet little angel the entire party. She sat with her great grandma mostly, ate lots of fries, and was just cute and smiley every time I looked at her. What a sweetheart! 
The girls and I have been meeting my best friend and her kids at the restaurant to catch up whenever we get the chance, so having so many friends and family made it all the more special. She just kept letting out these loud giggles and laughs. It was so cute.
Ellie loves ice-cream just as much if not more than her mother, so the ice-cream cake was a real treat. Needless to say the cake was a huge hit with everyone else as well:)
Ellie seemed to love all the attention for most the time, but then the hat came on for pictures, and with so many people in a circle around her cheering and taking pictures, I think she got a  little overwhelmed. poor thing:(
Once the happy birthday song started and the candles were lit, she was right as rain again:)
She nibbled on that cake for probably twenty minutes. Mmmm what a treat! I love the dainty way she held her spoon and sampled with it.haha
This is what happens when you invite the whole family to "a little get-together in Ellie's honour, so don't worry about bringing presents" party, Everyone brings lots of them! haha lucky little girl:) 
The problem was that she wanted to read every book through and play with every toy! Which of course is a good thing, but not when you have a dozen anxious little onlookers that are jumping up and down in excitement to see their gift unwrapped.haha 
Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful, thoughtful gifts! Ellie has loved reading new books every night, and enjoying new puzzles and toys every day! Sophie thanks you too:)
We love you so much little Eleanor! We're so proud of how grown up you are, and we're so lucky to have you in our family:)
xo, Mama and Dada


  1. Oh my goodness, she is DARLING! Looks like it was a great party! :>

  2. She is so cute, I love her hair color, hope it stays that way when she grow up :)

  3. She looks like she had a great time!!

  4. Oh MY. BEAUTIFUL photos!! She is gorgeous :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your princess. Precious!

  6. Awwwww she's SO cute! Happy birthday Ellie! This looks like an amazing party :) looks like you all had a lot of fun <3
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