Friday, February 10

Friday Finds #7

Another Friday is here folks! wow these weeks just fly by don't they? Well i'm really excited to share this week's finds with you! I've come across a lot of fun things this week on the net, but these are not only the most fun, they also keep in line with my valentines themed during my countdown. Hope you enjoy! 
This week I found:

...the new 'Vintage Modern' line by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. Why do I love reds and turquoise together so much right now I don't know, oh but I do!
I have to get this when it comes out....which in the uk is very difficult

...this amazing vintage inspired bike from Beg Bicycles. I've been looking for an upright riding bike just like this one! Too bad this one cost just a tad more than my bike budget:)

...I've always wanted an old vintage scale like, and I love the soft pink color that this one has!

...this playful recipe for marshmallow pops! I've never heard of such a thing, and marshmallows generally aren't my cup of tea, but aren't they cute?! 
Marshmallow Pops!

...these floral print tights! There's something so girly and sweet about them, i'd want to pare them with something a little grungy though to break up that whole flower garden:)

...this Polaroid calender! I would love to make one for this year even using shots from each month of the Mr. and I.
2012 polaroid calendar. tina aszmus.

... when I first saw these I thought they were covered in white chocolate, which sounded like too much sweet all at once, but they're covered in frozen yogurt! Mmm sounds tasty.
Dip Strawberries in Yogurt & Freeze, and You Get This Amazing Snack

...this quote! or rather this saying? Anyways I've seen it around a lot lately, and think its rather sweet don't you?

...this ruffled lace skirt! I found this on pinterest of course, which always puts my in the mindset of making things. Of course I'm going to make one! But I'll probably just make it a skirt instead of attaching it to a jacket or top.
lace ruffles x

Have a lovely lovely weekend!!



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  3. Such a cute pictures :)
    Following back ;)

  4. amazing pictures, i want everything in this post, love the vintage scales!

  5. cute. love your taste in style, etc ..just saw your comment about being new blogger.. thought i'd say hello as a fellow new blogger.. i will follow =)

  6. cute. love your taste and style =) all the vintagey stuff!! i saw your comment about being a new blogger on Between the Lines.. =) thought i'd say hello, as a new blogger myself, i know you appreciate the support. =) following !

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  8. Thanks so much Julie, Inna, and Punkscrapper! Glad to have you aboard!

  9. VERY GOOD BLOG! I love it ;)
    i follow you! you can follow me if you want on:

  10. So many nice things in this post! At first I was going to start off commenting about one thing, then I saw another cute thing (such as the scale), and I was going to bring that up, and then the floral tights. Just too much to say! lol

  11. I'm glad you like it Heather! Every friday I post a list of lovely things that I've found and collected in the past week, checkout my features tab to see past weeks lists!

  12. I will definitely do that! It's great idea. I was thinking about taking one day out of the week to post about my thrifty finds. That's something that my boyfriend & I like to do on the weekends!

  13. Always want to live in fairy tales