Tuesday, February 7

DIY: Antiqued Paper Heart Banner

Only seven days left to the day of love! Today I have a really fun and easy do-it-yourself heart banner! I've seen lots of different banners for valentines day using letters and burlap, pipe cleaners etc, which are neat as well, but I just wanted to put together something cute and basic, with a little antiqued charm! Again, like all my tutorials, its not even nearly as hard as all the text makes it appear, I just like to go into great detail about the process so you can have immediate success! So give it a try and enjoy!

Supplies Used:
  • craft/scrapbooking paper
  • pencil
  • craft design scissors
  • brown ink pad
  • craft glue
  • heart template (cookie cutter:))
  • hand hole punch
  • 8 yds. thin white ribbon 
  • basic braiding skills:)
Step by step Instructions:

#1. Use your template to trace your hearts on the back of your paper to make as many hearts as you wish (I used 8 patterned pieces, 2-3 hearts per piece). 
#2. Cut out your hearts alternating with your different patterned scissors.

#3. Glue your hearts to pieces of plain paper/cardstock, and cut around the edge of the heart leaving approx. 1/3 inch.
#4. Take your ink pad in one hand and a glued heart in the other and proceed to scrap the ink pad along the edge of the heart, 'roughing up' and browning the edges all the way around.

#5. Use your hole punch to make a hole about 1/2 inch down the 'join' of each heart.
#6. Cut about a 5-6 inch piece from your ribbon. Loop the ribbon through the hole in your heart, and tie them together forming a loop. Continue till all your hearts have ribbon loops.

#7. This is the last step! Told you this was easy:) Just take three equal lengths of ribbon about a foot longer than you want your banner to end up, tie the ends together in a small knot, and begin loosely braiding! At this point I would braid about 3-4 inches, loop one of the hearts over one of the strands, and keep braiding! So on and so on, (tying off the other end with a little knot as well) and you've completed your banner!

If you've remembered to braid loosely, you should be able to move your hearts around a bit if your spacing was off a little bit here or there. 

Hope you've had good success with your own darling little paper banner!
What other things are you doing to decorate your house for valentines day?

xo, Emily