Tuesday, February 21

Barrett {Senior Photography Session}

Lately I've not been able to spare much time for photoshoots, but I keep trying to get one every once in a while at the very least. I love helping people see themselves in a whole new perspective. That's my reward:)
xo, Emily


  1. Great locations. Amazing photos.

  2. haha he is pretty cute.haha Thank you Karm! And they're mostly all downtown tara! Favorite place to shoot:)

  3. Wow what a handsome young man, and you capture him wonderfully.

  4. thank you very much! I do love seniors the best I think. Shooting them I mean:)

  5. he was good!
    i like the ine with the red wood wall

  6. Hey Emily! You do have a way with the camera:)

    Btw, I did figure out how to make the Pin It Button work for blogger...here's the link:)

    How to Add Pin It Button To The Blogger