Tuesday, January 3

What i wore // simple (and an announcement)

 Today i chose to wear just a simple combination of colors and style, with a fun pair of gold studded heels. 

The announcement? In case you couldn't tell from my pouch, soon we're going to be a family of five!!
I know this  may be a funny way to tell you all, especially since i'm almost halfway done with the pregnancy (18 weeks), but we've had so many fun activities and things keeping us busy, that it just never seemed like a good time to spill the beans. However, seeing as i'm starting to show a bit now i'm going to be starting a maternity series this week! so be excited for me:)

head to toe:
pea coat - target
white ruched shirt - thrifted
pencil skirt - ross
gold studded heels - ami
necklace - gift
xo, Emily

p.s. More news on the pregnancy, updates on our excitement, and maternity series post #1 coming soon:)

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