Thursday, January 5


Happy birthday to me!
Seeing as its early, and i'm on my way to rexburg with the lil' family to spend the weekend with my lovely sister, i won't be able to go into detail about the fabulous events of the day, i will however tell you that i am happy and healthy on this my 20-something birthday day, even though this picture says the opposite:) 
I've come a long way in the last year. Having the new year so close before my birthday, i have the opportunity of looking back on the last year thinking about the time since my last birthday and the start of 2011 in almost the same context (see my 2011 round-up post).

Since my last birthday i have:
  •  moved into the house of my dreams with my family,
  • switched wards
  • watched my first baby girl turn one,
  • celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary,
  • became best friends with a gorgeous young mommie, 
  • made the big wonderful decision to have our second baby girl at home,
  • bought my very first DSLR,
  • fell head-over-heels for quilting,
  • had my wisdom teeth pulled,
  • started this blog,
  • started my first etsy shop, 
  • fell even deeper in love than ever with my Mr.,
  • found out we were expecting our third child,
  • mastered the art of canning foods,
  • became closer with my mom and a sister,
  • and had many many other adventures in all aspects of my life including photography, cooking, blogging, sewing, friendship, and general wife and mothering.

Who could ask for a better year right? I couldn't ask for a better companion, or better baby girls, or anything right now for that matter. As cliche as it sounds I feel like I'm perched right on top of the world! With all life's opportunities within my grasp, and the paths to take me straight to all the goals that i have set for myself.
I feel as contented and happy as ever, and yet i can't wait to dash out there this year and continue to make this wonderful life with my family as full and fantastic as possible.
Stick around to see just how i do it!
...cuz you know i do:)

xo, Emily

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  1. what a wonderful post. looks like you have accomplished a lot in a year. :) isnt it fun to look back and really see all we have done? :)