Monday, December 19

a popping adventure

Tonight's family night was set aside to be a movie night with the girls, and a breaking in of the new/old
 popcorn machine. (a wedding present to martin and i nearly three years ago, but never been used:))
Ellie was thoroughly entertained by the whole process, and excited by the warm fluffy end result.


 Martin and i had a lot of fun experimenting making the different flavors. In the end we had your typical plain, butter, cheesy, and caramel (which was the biggest hit i think).
It was so much fun, and so cheap and easy! I know that at least Ellie and i are looking forward to the next time we break out the popcorn maker.

What fun new things are you trying this week?
xo, Emily


  1. I know this is an older post but I happened across your blog from The Dainty Squid. I love non-microwave popcorn :-) What recipes did you use for your toppings? I'm having a tough time finding different flavors.
    Thanks so much!

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  3. I happened across your blog from the Dainty Squid and I love your little redhead! I'm a redhead too (22 y/o now) but I still love my hair! I hope yours does too :-)
    Anyway, I'm a big fan of homemade (non-microwave) popcorn and I've been wanting to experiment with different toppings/flavorings. Did you use a recipe for yours? If so, is it posted anywhere, or on the web somewhere?
    Thanks so much :-)

  4. Hey Bre! THank you for your question! I appreciate any questions and feedback no matter how old the post:) Glad to know people are looking around!
    In answer to your question, we just used straight up caramel squares like you get in a bag from the grocery store, melted them, mixed in a little milk, and poured it over! FOr the cheese we used cheese powder (like you get in a packedge from the store as well) and shook it together with buttered popcorn in a bag. Was so yummy! I think you've inspired me to do a recipe post on popcorn flavours.haha so keep your eyes out! We've come up with a few more flavors since than so it'll be fun for you i think!
    Thanks again for your question, and sorry about the lengthy answer!