Tuesday, November 29

unedited outtakes

Here is a little blip of the outtake shots from our family Christmas portrait session. The whole process was relatively stress/problem free, although there were a lot of breaks through it all to fix problems caused by all the phone calls Ellie received,

random distractions,

kissy lips,

general goofing off, which isn't a bad thing, even though Sophie looks a bit put out,

Ellie's snack breaks,

crying breaks,

and readjustment breaks.

But in the end, we were very pleased with the results! We ended up with lots of pictures of smiling girls, and even a few of the while family looking at the camera at the same time. The shot we used in he end is a secret for now, until everyone receives their card in the mail:) but until then, here's two happy baby girls! 

Are you planning on a Christmas card this year?
xo, Em

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