Wednesday, November 30

around here...

I've had an epiphany. This is a lifestyle blog is it not?
I realized that even though I've been pretty good at keeping up with the posting from day to day (not counting the sabbatical i took during the month of November) most of the posts I've added to this here blog, while still pertaining to my life and things i love, don't include much of my day to day lifestyle! I am proud to say that i figured this point out myself, with a little help from the Mr. and i will be rectifying that fact starting on the first of in tomorrow. For now, I'll just add a little update about whats been going on around here lately, and a picture or two, always a picture:)

Around here there is... little baby person who has nearly four teeth, is loving her new treats, works hard at push ups all day, and loves sleeping every chance she gets recently. growing toddler person, who is suddenly loving her once dreaded bath time, is becoming a very big help around the house, and is saying more and more words each day. itchy and sore mommy person, who has spent a lot of time lately perched on top of a ladder painting or hunched in front of her machine sewing, is glad that thanksgiving is over, likes planning and carrying out meal plans and chore charts, and looks forward to naps any chance she gets.
...and one incredibly caring and generous daddy person, who spends most of his time taking care of the itchy tired mommy person, cooking scrumptious meals, climbing 40 feet into the air to hang Christmas lights, and writing beautiful and deep poetry, all the while still managing to provide for, preside over, and protect all of the three other persons in the household. what a dreamboat person he is.
All of this recollection makes me tired thinking about what we've been up to lately, but we have settled into a rather nice little rhythm here at home (part of that rhythm is due to the cheery Christmas music to be heard 24/7 all through the house:)), taking it easy, making and wrapping presents, eating more special treats and more healthy to help our bodies heal, and early bedtimes for all.

Hope you are all enjoyed your turkey month, and are looking forward to the month of family and Christmas!

xo, Emmy

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