Thursday, October 20

Sophie ♥

twenty six. weeks. old.

our little miss Sophie-boo is SIX MONTHS OLD!!! can you believe it? that was just so quick! These precious baby days are really just zooming by here in the old house, and I've spent the last six months since she's joined the family trying to enjoy and savor every single tiny moment of her. Sophie's been eating rice cereal for the last while mixed with milk in her bottle, but today as a special celebration treat she had peas and plums for lunch, and she loved them both! I tell ya we have the rootness tootness veggie eaters for baby girls in this family. its really a joy and a blessing. let's see... what else can i tell you about this little tot...

  • This girlie is sporting not only one, but TWO TEETH! and she's been a trooper during the whole process, which isn't done yet for sure. i actually had a friend ask if she had any teeth yet and i promptly said not yet, because she's behaved so well through it all, little did i know what was going on in that smiling mouth of hers! so proud of her. I love that toothy smile i get now.
  • She's a total smile monster. She'll smile at almost anyone or anything. She has a very silent laugh however, but when she's happy (or we're watching a quiet movie) she lets out the longest lowest happy squeals I've never heard come from someone so tiny as her, its so much fun! 
  • Sophie has been on a 8:30pm to 8:30am sleeping schedule since about four weeks old! what an awesome thing to have them both sleeping all night long, and we get to have date nights every night:) thanks baby girls!
  • Sophie just keeps on growing. like a weed. her eyes are still a shinning deep sea blue so I'm hoping she'll keep them. love me some blue-eyed babies. 2 for 2! :) 
  • Sophie was our first baby born right here at home, and she's been tough and healthy ever since! Even when she comes down with a little cold now and than, she grins and smiles all the way through it:)
  • Lately she's starting to mimic things that she sees. i pop my mouth and make a little sound and she trys to do it. It's so darling.
  • I think she's a total mamma's girl. if i flatter myself to say so. i wouldn't bring it up, but daddy has his little Eleanor magnet, so i get to have one right?:) we're just pals, and sometimes she gives me these little side grins that i know are just for me:)
  • She's still working on that whole crawling to get around thing. not outright crawling yet, but boy she can sure get somewhere if she wants to. she is one determined baby boo. I'll walk out of the room and five minutes later she'll be somewhere across the room from where she started. 
  • When i do see her on the move, its usually going backwards, and she uses the left leg left arm limp- right knee right hand move method. haha. so she kinda looks like a little spider baby. I'll have to post a video for you guys one day
  • She loves to play hide and seek lately. ha ha When she thinks I'm not watching she rolls under the coffee table, or behind the sofa. She is a champion roller. 
  • She loves our almost daily walks in the double stroller with her sister in front, all the better to practice kicking on the back of Ellie's chair, but with all affection of course:)
  • She's Super at self entertaining. I can put her down on the floor with some little blocks and things or her teething ring and she will play by herself for hours. It's really nice when i need to get things done like saaaay blogging. love this girlie!
  • Sophie is a very tough baby. did i mention that already? Ellie loves her very much, but seeing as she's still only a year and a half herself, its understandable that she wouldn't be too sure on how to play nicely with little baby sister yet, its a work in progress though, and that being said, they are awesome pals, and Sophie-boo will put up with anything at alll to spend time with her big sister.
  • She's starting to talk to herself more often these days... "bool bah blu da guh bow." is what i hear most of the day now. it's so cute. I could listen to those sweet sounds of hers all day long.
  • Sophia's starting to eat more foods in the lst few weeks and loving just about everything she tries! both the girls are champion eaters, but i'm still surprised that Sophie goes for the squash before the fruit
I could go on for volumes about the things that Sophie's learning, how she's growing, how we love her and what a joy it is to have her around, but this list does an okay job of summing that up for you.
We love you so much Precious Girl, and you make us all so happy!!

xo, Dada, Mama, and Ellie

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