Wednesday, October 19

lesson learned

For future reference:

No matter how in-a-hurry you may be, never cut frozen butter straight into the crock pot using cleaver scissors. There's a 'slight' chance that your scissors may find a soft spot in the butter, and sail right through, meeting your fingers on the other side, and nearly miss cutting your entire finger right off. This may result in a trip to the emergency room, 6 stitches, shock, and a general day of passing out on your mother and vomiting all over the place. oh and a ginormous migraine.
Always use a cutting board, and make sure your fingers are well out of harms way as you use it. This will save you much potential trouble, as i have mentioned above, especially if you have a weekend of cooking, sewing, typing, cleaning and all-around housework ahead of you that normally requires two complete hands.
just sayin', don't risk it:)

xo, Emily

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