Sunday, October 23

oh yes, he does:)

I've been so excited to announce that my handsome and amazingly talented hubby Martin is indeed done with his very first novel! Publishers privilege ask that we not divulge the title and synopsis on the Internet, but i can say that it is a YA fantasy novel, that it very well may be the first in a series, and also that it is so so good! I got to be the one poised to read every single chapter after he finished them. I'm just lucky that way:) 
Also, more about Martin, did i ever tell you that he's a fantastic poet? oh yes folks:) I'm one of those lucky ladies that receives romantic love poems written by her sweet husband. He writes many poems a week, and has agreed to let me share some every now and than on here. Below is one of my favorites so far, though it was hard to pick just one:

Adam named it
After leaving paradise
Before the cold took
The last fruit
That moment when
Death is real before you
And you can handle it
You can grasp but not hold on
Put to your mouth but not quite swallow
And death is beautiful
It is the culmination of all failure and success
Until at last all lays
Ended, Frozen, Sleeping
Taken beyond all places known
Vibrant color turned to winter’s white crystal.

Martin Started a blog recently to share writing tips he's learned along the way, updates about his books (completed and underway), and he's even dropping a poem every now and than, so go check it out here!
I'm so proud of him and all the amazing work that he's completed. I love watching him doing things he loves and is passionate about.

Love you my sweetheart!
xo, Emily

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  1. Another awesome similarity between your hubby and mine ... Writing .. The sweetest words ever :)