Wednesday, October 26

new music love

If you were to ask Martin or I which song was 'our song', i think you would hear from both of us that Coldplay is 'our song'.haha Its not that we couldn't come up with one specific song or anything, its just that Coldplay goes way back for us as a couple, ever since about the third date, and it goes even further back for us both individually. That being said, every time we hear there's a new song or album coming out we get very excited, and when we play it for the first time in the kitchen, we have to slow dance for a while, and it makes me feel all mushy inside. Thats how you know which song (or band) is 'your song(band)'.

So go check out the surprisingly different, yet true-to-Coldplay new album, Mylo Xyloto! I'm so stoaked about all the instrumental, even if it is all synthesizers:) We love them all, especially paradise, hence the YouTube video, and man if you have sub-woofers, turn them all the way up!! \
here's the video, enjoy!:

You're welcome:)
xo, Emily

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  1. Coldplay is my husband and I's song too. We took a weekend trip a year ago up to Minneapolis and saw them live. It was so amazingly perfect. Everything fell together at the right time. Hope that you have or get to see them live sometime soon. <3 your blog! -Alexandra