Tuesday, October 25

hair tutorial // Loopy Low 'Do'

Okay so i know there's a lot of pictures with this post, but I'm gonna try and divide them up into just a few simple but detailed steps, because it is very simple!!  I think it took me about ten minutes, including taking the pictures. so its totally easy and fun. I love that it can be worn with a dress and fancy jewelry, or dressed down in a casual pair of pants and a scarf!
What you'll need: I used
  • strong hold finishing hairspray,
  • a flexible brush,
  • three hair-ties
  • and approx 20+ bobby pins
I thought that day-old hair would work best for this hairstyle, and i was right. its always easier to do a pinned up do when your head isn't freshly cleaned and scrubbed of all the product and grip that you get from 'old' hair, that being said simply flip your entire head upside down and mist some hairspray threw your locks, giving your whole Head a light coat of hairspray, and we're ready to get started!


1.  Separate your whole head of hair into three clumps around your shoulders. One on your left shoulder, one on your right, and one going down your back. Tie all three low on the nap of your neck with your hair-ties, starting at the back mist each section with hairspray, holding straight out:
2.  Before i started looping i held onto each section with one hand and tugged the hair out a bit with the other so it wasn't so pulled down looking. Who doesn't like a lot of body in their hairstyles? :) (step not pictures, i figured you could figure out how for

3.  Starting with a side section, take an amount about as thick as a large pencil and wind it around three fingers (i used three, but you can adjust it if you want larger or tighter loops). Once you've completed the loop, add a bobby through the loop and attach it to your head as close to your ears as you want your low bun to go. Be sure and spread your loops around, but stay on the designated section of head! haha:

4.  Keep going through your hair, loop after pinned loop, until you're on your last few loops in the last section! I kept checking in a two-way mirror at the back of my head every once in a while to make sure I  wasn't leaving any holes in the bun with my loops, and if you find one, simply fill it in with some more hair!:
You can see here below that i have a bit of a gap in the middle top section:) but i have the hair to fill it!

5.  Once you've gotten all your hair looped up and double checked for accuracy in the mirror (i wanted to make sure you could sorta see the loops from the front), give your self a few more tugs at the roots for volume, another few spritzes with your favorite finishing hairspray, and your done!

and the back:

and here's what i decided to do with my bangs! simply twisted them to the side and held them back with a pin, pulling them back out a little so they weren't so tied down:
And there you have it!! You can see in the picture below verses the picture at the top where i pulled a little more hair out, for volume's sake:

Leave a link if you decide to try the loopy do! happy hair day:)
xo, Emily


  1. Your hair and hair color are gorgeous!

  2. I'm defintiely going to try this. And just so I don't forget, I'm Pinning this to my board called "Definitely Wanna Try This" on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You might have the nicest hair in the world. Your blog is really nice.. :)

  4. I just tried this, and I love that this doesn't require a curling iron! My hair is ridiculously fine, and it can't hold curl to save its life, so this is really great! It looks awesome, is fairly quick, and incredibly elegant. Thank you!