Friday, October 14

looking at today

Today is a fall day. i know because my toesies were cold when i woke up,
without the Mr. off on a hunting trip, bringin home more elk to bottle.
he'll be home tonight, but i always miss my sweetheart when he goes away.
Long day at work ahead.
Another one tomorrow. work work, good work though. feels good.
Lots of photo stuff happenin' lately. seniors, babies, and a pre-mission.
I'm super duper tired. Like i really can't even function kind of tired.
I think it's early to bed for me tonight.
Rethinking a lot about the ol blog. things i need to include more of.
thinking about all the moments to add, and all the pictures. 
Looking forward to getting some sewing done in the coming week,
maybe even our Halloween costumes?!?
Putting up more fall/halloween decor, and getting excited about snow...
Need to send off a quilt today, and fill out two custom orders, hoorah.
Hosting the boys again tonight (my two younger brothers)
Lots of random research into cloth diapers.
Going to peek at the old house next door with the brothers.
watched this movie last night, thought it was really good.
Spent a lot of time deep cleaning this past week.
reaping the rewards today as i lay on the couch,
taking time off.
Missing friends, and play dates for the older one.
We've had cider in the crock pot almost everyday this week.
gives yummy smells to every day.
Need to find a good pair of jeans to last me till Christmas.
Looking forward to cooking more next week.
i miss cooking.
really enjoyed the 70 degree weather yesterday with the mister next to me in the car,
driving for groceries,
windows down,
feeling the last warm breeze of the changing seasons slipping by my face,
through my hair...
knowing that it soon will be gone for months of cold chilly fireplace and hot chocolate weather. only if it was the year we get our fireplace:)

Next week look for some yummy recipe posts, outfits, old post catch-ups, recent events, milestones, makeup tips, an introduction to my sweetheart, canning posts, and kiddo updates, and lots more!
Enjoy your weekend!
xo, Emily

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