Wednesday, October 12

from the lady herself:

Here's a tutorial on Twiggy's tradmark drawn-on lashes, by twiggy herself! enjoy:
Step #1: Using a thin detail brush and dark eyeshadow, apply the shadow in a medium thick line along your eyelid crease, from one eye point to the other.
Step #2: Next take dark liquid eyeliner and line your upper lid along the lash line again from crease to crease, making sure to add it a tad thicker towards the center of the eye. Use a liner brush to smooth uneven lines.
Step #3: Apply your set of false eyelashes. Remember to let the glue become tacky first, than to apply them starting first in the middle, than working out the right and left side.
Step #4: Using your liquid liner again, simply draw on a 'set' of approx. 8-10 false lashes. Make sure they are set enough apart so as to be distinctive as eyelashes, and not a smoky eye.

Voila! There you have it! soon enough I'll get on my pictures of myself in Twig lashes.
xo, Emily

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