Tuesday, September 13


The weather is constantly changing lately. It's not quite fall, yet no longer summer. All of the trees are green, yet with hints of orange and red. The weather alternates between cool and breezy, and those days when thr heat is so strong you'd love to just grab a towel and head to the beach! or in our case, the lake:) I'm anxious for the fall season, but even more for the cooler weather. Even as i write those words however i am feeling sorry to see summer pass seemingly so quickly.
My girls are both growing so strong and so fast. My oldest baby Eleanor is already 1 1/2 years old and loves to run and laugh, and my new baby Sophia is 6 months old and such a joy.
Are these the years everyone says hold on to, because they never come back...
Don't sit wishing that the time would slow down, instead get up and run, play, laugh, and make sure that you never let a moment go by in pineing that could have been spent making memories.

xo, Emily

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