Tuesday, September 13

DIY: Vintage Wall Decor

Simple. Beautiful. Creative. Easy. Whimsical. Cleaver. Girly. Fun. Vintagey:)
What you will need:
  • Vintage embroidery hoops. I used 7 in both wood and metal.
  • Scraps of fabric, pieces large enough for each hoop. I chose florals, because it’s for my girls bedroom.
  • A sharp pair of fabric cutting scissors. you don’t want a dull pair pulling your fabric topsy-turvy.

1. Start with the smallest hoop and work to the biggest. Take your fabric and fit it evenly over your hoop middle, making sure the material has about 1″ extra on all sides.

2. Once you’ve fit the material to each hoop, combine the outside and inside hoops, pinning the material as tightly as you can between the two, and making sure the outside hoop is evenly pulled down all the way around, just as if you’re about to embroider.

3. After the material is fitted tightly in between the hoops and the screw tightened as much as it can be, take your sharp scissors and cut off the access material all the way around in a circle.

4. hold the hoop up to make sure you’ve gotten off as much of the access as you can, unless you like the shreds showing on the sides.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 with each of the following hoops till you’ve finished them all.

Reap the rewards! Arrange the compleated hoops on the floor or a table first before nailing or attaching them to your desired wall, because y ou will probably change your mind a few times about the arrangement you start with. I’m going to put them on the wall with just a few small tacs, but other ideas are putting them on the back of a shelf or dresser (possibly in order from smallest to largest?), or hanging them from the ceiling along a wall in various heights.

Aren’t they darling?! I’m SO excited to put them on the girls wall, I’m just waiting on the crib that’s coming for Sophia, but I’ll get a picture on here as soon as it’s all done!
What project are you looking forward to finishing?

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