Wednesday, September 28

Repost: perrine

(reposted from the ol blogging archives of november 2009)

My Mr. has been out a lot this week working on rentals, so I’ve had lots of time to myself. I’ve been trying to take my camera with me where ever I go, or just leave it in the car so its easier for me to take pictures when I suddenly get inspired by something I see. I really need to get back into that. its one of my greatest passions. I love scenic. I love landscapes. I love black and white… for some reason:) today I was feeling a litttle better, better enough that with a bucket in the passenger seat for emergencies, i could go for some errands in twin, and as I came out of TJmaxx and looked across the parking lot to the bridge… I knew I wanted to shoot it. so in the car went the shopping bags (only two.haha), on with my coat and fuzzy hat. I slung my camera strap over my shoulder and started towards the bridge. i didn't take that many at all, these pictures are what I left with more or less…the end result. I think every tourist has these same pictures of the bridge, but I like them. I love them. Their me, my perspective. It’s the bridge how I see it:) she’s strong, and pretty too huh…

welcome to Twin!

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