Monday, September 19

keepin’ it real

Life is great, not perfect.
Many bloggers only blog about the awesome parts of life, and readers get an edited and inaccurate view. Reading back through my new little blog so far, I realized that I too am guilty of this, not because I want to seem perfect, but more because I want my blog to be a positive space, and because I only wish to focus on the good parts. You see, I know that tough things happened in the last couple months, but I couldn’t really pinpoint them, because I didn’t blog about them. make sense?
An optimist at heart, I don’t want to wallow in the negative aspects of my life. However, it’s not healthy to pretend like unpleasant crap doesn’t happen, because it does, to all of us. Like I said though, I try to only focus on the good things, smile, and work through the tough times, one step at a time. But, lest you think that things around here are too good to be true, in the future I hope to include a counterbalance in my posts in which I don’t focus on the negative, but at the very least, once in a while I’ll let you in on a few sucky (but not unbearable) things that go on around here…
Life always seems to be a balancing act between good and bad, and I like to see the good stuff as making the bad stuff worth it.
That’s what allows me to be happy.
P.S. I have morning hair, and freckles… lots of ‘em. didn’t you know?

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