Wednesday, September 21

a daily schedule

For me, working as a STHM, helping my Mr. with secretary work, and trying to keep my etsy shop filled can really be a challenge because with all the things I want to get done in a day and so many things demanding my attention, I can get easily distracted, lose track of time, get caught up on low priority projects & etc. So I’ve realized lately that its high time I find a good daily schedule that works for me and that more importantly for me I need to be super vigilant about sticking to it if I want to remain focused and accomplish anything at all. Here’s what I found:

I jus googled daily schedule, selected images, and chose the right one for me! This one was perfect, because I needed a place for emails, photography reminders, blog post ideas, Very pressing items, and most importantly a customizable time schedule!
For the past week now I’ve been printing out one of these guys and write everything I need to get done that day ONLY. I fold it in half so I can see just my schedule or just my list of things to get done at a time. I only have one piece of paper to keep track of each day & it easily fits in my pocket or purse. also at the end of the day I’ve been throwing them into a file in the office, and then I hae a little reminder of the things I’ve been up to!
I find if I have a massive to-do list full of random stuff with various deadlines to look at every day, it becomes easy to lose sight of high priority things that need to get done. I’ve tried using planners and such, but they are always too bulky to carry around or too small to write everything in. I just love that this is everything on ONE sheet of paper. Also I can use the back for a shopping list or for various notes (which I’ve found has been very useful). In addition, I’ve always kept a large staples monthly calander with long-term goals, appointments, planned vacations & etc. so that every night when I’m writing out my schedule for the following day, I can make sure I am writing anything down on my list that may have been scheduled in advance. I’m kinda crazy where anything I possibly want to get done is written on an ongoing list of to-dos that’s about ten pages long.haha its nice to refer back every week or so and pick a dozen things or so that I can fit into the next week. feels good!
Well there you have it! It’s Been great for me thus far, and if you think it might be good for you too, just drag and drop on your desk top, or copy into a word doc and print as many as you want!
hope you find it motivating at the very least to get yourself a daily schedule and start keeping better track fo your time!

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