Tuesday, August 16

sorry for my absence...

This is what I’m up to right now [Well, not right now. Right now, I’m eating left over chips and salsa, and typing on here, while Sophie’s and Ellie’s nap times overlap for a few little while). This is our future pantry!
well ever since we’ve moved in last december, its been a dark dank spider pit for the most part. I couldn’t help but sweep and dust it out a few times however, and we used it for spraying most everything we wanted sprayed. so yes it has had its uses in the past, but now I’m prepping it for one big use! storing all our food! …and sparkling cider:)
These are the ‘before’ shots. Before all the painting, all the caulking, spraying, scrubbing, hammering, shelf building, carpeting, and overall finishing that has been and will continue to take place these past few days, and for the next few. My goal is to finish all the dirty work tonight, and start on the shelves tomorrow! Huzzah! (as you can see from picture #2 below, I couldn’t quite wait to start slappin paint all over the walls before I took the before pictures:)
Hopefully i will be organizing all the food onto those shelves by the end of this week, and then hopefully, an ‘after’ picture! … followed by more house tour:)
so stick around!!

for the past…

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