Wednesday, August 17

sharing time (wordy)

Since I’ve been bad about frequent posts, and since this is a new blog with new readers, and since I’m entertaining myself on a night when I should be editing photos, but would rather screw around on my blog. and if i talk about myself for a while noe, i won’t have to do it for a while in the future right?:) so here’s a few(or more that a few) real (but mostly not significant) details/facts about me when no one else is involved – just me, just for fun:
I can never decide on my favorite color.
I usually walk fast, and have unknowingly left people behind until they pointed it out to me.
I love love working out and consequently that so-sore-i-can’t-move feeling.
I’ve never lived by myself.
There is always music playing in the car when I’m driving, and in the house when i’m cleaning.
I’ve had both my children without any pain medication what-so-ever (yes by choice), and my second baby was born at home on my bed with a midwife’s assistance. I’s super excited to have the rest of my children that way.
I like the feeling of being up early in the morning.
I like to make people laugh.
I like the smell of gasoline.
I find excessive use of exclamation marks annoying.
When I’m tasked with something repetitive or monotonous I find the most efficient way to complete it, often testing different strategies to speed up the process.
I don’t really like soda.
I sang tenor in the Delaware Choral Society, and I sang soprano in my all-state chorus, both in the same year.
I scored 100% on my written test to get my driver’s license. I got a 98% on the driving test because I pulled to far into the cross-walk at an intersection.
I can get along with almost anyone if I put my mind to it.
I have dabbled with the banjo, guitar, and clogging.
I love Love vacuuming.
I Love amusement parks, but some reason I’ve never been to Disney Land, or Disney World, and when Disney Universe comes around I’m sure that I’ll not have a chance to go there Either.
I ‘ve skateboarded and was pretty good before I got married, and swiftly pregnant, than my career as tony hawk went down the tubes:)
I don’t have a single allergy that I’m aware of.
I burnt my hand on a curling iron whilst prepping for my first date with my husband. I still have a scar, and it gets darker when I tan. I am a horrible healer.
I like making dumb jokes that I think a lot of people don’t get, but I also don’t always get other people’s jokes right away. Sometimes I think my sarcasm isn’t clear, and things I mean as a joke just come out wrong. Sorry. It’s chronic.
one of my eyes is a lighter brown than the other. it stands out mostly in sunlight, which is why my skin is so light:)
When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it. I will usually sing along if no one else is around.
I sleep silently.
I’ve eaten alligator.
I use pens to keep my hair up.
There are times when I’m so engrossed in an activity that eating or sleeping are chores.
I’ve always been able to interact easily with people older than myself. For example, when I was little I went swimming at a friend’s house and visited with her mother for most of the afternoon.
I love talking about relationships and human interaction.
I had a fascination with briefcases when I was a little girl, and when my dad finally gave me one of his, I figured out that they weren’t all that interesting after all. but I still used it for a good while to carry my toys around.
I prefer the toilet paper to roll off the top
I have 52 pairs of shoes in my closet that I currently wear. [More are waiting to be sold/donated.]
I wear an elastic on my wrist all the time, (though not pictured) just in case… I guess I feel super unprepared if I don’t have an elastic. I also feel very uncool when there’s a pic of me looking put together…except for that stupid elastic!
I love painting my toes, but despise painted fingers. think it makes me look like I’m 12 years old. maybe cuz i have rough (preteen) man hands with short nails…
I grew up without cable at my house, and now that I’m married, living in my own house, I still don’t have cable.
I don’t always finish my sentences, which is why when I blog – I do this a lot … My mind is the land of unfinished thoughts waiting to be revisited at some point in the future.
So – will you make me feel less goofy about these random confessions and share something about yourself with me? I’ll visit you too if you leave a link for me.

P.S. Feel free to play along on your blog or in the comments! And if you do blog, be sure to leave me a link in the comments!

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