Wednesday, August 31

a huge sigh of relief, and a ‘right now’ post

PHEW!! I have to apologize for my absense this past week, I’ve been locked out of my blog account! WordPress did this emergency password change to protect everyone’s privacy, and it just so happened that I haven’t used my connecting email for about… five years. SO, that meant I was locked out! probably for good! or so said the responses from the WordPress tech team. thanks for your help guys! no they were helpful, I was just a little pissed off at the thought of losing the eight or so blogs I have attached to this account, not to mention the domains and all the content. YEARS worth of posts. years. Anyways, martin had the idea to go after the email account itself, once WordPress said it was hopeless, and after countless hours of trying different things, I was able to gain access again!! PHEW! what a genius I married… anyways so!
We had a pretty fun week so far. Spent a lot of time outdoors. Went to the Farmers market again and enjoyed the best black cherries I think I’ve ever had. Cheap Chicken. Bike rides. Family dinners. Dealing with a new sassy attitude and lists of fun activities for you and your toddler. Cuddling late and workouts early. Lots of trips to the post office. Long talks on the phone and family staying over. Holding hands. Tea sets, milk droplets, and Pringles.
August flew by as usual… Today I plan on soaking in this last day of this month, in anticipation of my favorite month, which is right around the cornor…September!
Right now, I am…
marveling at my new little Sophia, who (at four months) isn’t so new anymore!
working on finishing my last custom order from the shop.
smelling the crisp autumn smell of cold coming through the open window.
noticing the smell of fresh banana bread still lingering in the air.
feeling proud of an early morning exercise routine that has lasted longer than just about any other.
listening to Coldplay‘s new single.
feeding Ellie chucks of bell pepper, her favorite.
making sure that I’ve got all the baby announcements sent out.
finishing my cup of peppermint tea.
reading Martin’s first draft.
hoping to have a couple of days of girl time this weekend.
smiling at the thought of all the things I want to get done.
knowing that I always bite off more than I can chew.
wishing I could please everybody,
accepting that I can’t possibly.
rejoicing over the coming of fall!
watching my Mr. mew the lawn, and loving what I see.
kissing the top of Sophie’s little fuzzy head.
wondering when our next road trip will be.
wanting to go for another family walk this evening.
looking forward to family sealings this afternoon.
loving the new haircut I got yesterday!
thinking about going for a walk to the park.
wishing you much simple pleasure in your coming day!

(inspired by Soulemama)

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