Friday, August 19

havin' a saucy time

Ellie’s been determined lately to eat with a spoon, and frankly I’m glad!! it’s very exciting to have her be able to semi feed herself and watch how excited she gets when she actually gets a big bite in, and the look on her face when she tries something new.
In these pictures she’s feeding herself applesauce for the first time and laughing to herself after every bite and saying “mmm-MMMM!!” in the last picture I think she was just posing for the camera though.haha she’s been getting more used to the camera in her face I think, and keeps striking these poses!! that’s my girl:)

I’ll have to do a highlight on Ellie when i get the chance next. she’s just coming so far and we’re so proud of her!! she knows exactly what we’re saying most of the time and is so obedient. she eats about anything we give her and her current favorites are cucumber and bell pepper. no kidding! she started nursery this past sunday and I think I teared up walking away from the classroom. she’s growing up so fast!!
well anyways, I said I’d talk about her another day. sorry I couldn’t help it:)
happy thursday!

P.S. we got invited on a double family date to Sushi Ya tonight with my best friend and her family, and we had a terrific time!! its hard not to close your eyes and just savor every bite, it was SOO yummy. can’t wait to go back!

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