Friday, May 11

Friday Finds #105

     Well, I'm bringin' back the old Friday Finds feature after nearly three years, and I'm feelin' good about it:) Many of you might remember these posts from the old days, but if not it's merely a little collection of recipes, articles, wishlist items, etc from the previous week. Enjoy!

     And that's all for this Friday, and I really hope you have a Mother's Day weekend exactly as you would love to have whether it's a slow and peaceful one or one with lots of people and music etc, etc.haha Actually now I'm curious, what DOES your ultimate weekend look like? I mean excluding vacations and such:) 

     Share in the comments!


  1. Tomorrow is my 40th wedding anniversary!I will be attending a CPR class for my new job! Celebrating a grandson's 3rd birthday!!! Sunday extended family will gather and enjoy a family dinner! It is also one of my sons 33rd birthday!!!! So much to reflect on and celebrate!
    There is so much we have experience and shared in 40 years!! ❤️��❤️��❤️

  2. Thank you Emily!! I love your blog and videos, can you pleeeeassw tell me lol... is your hair your natural color?? Because if it’s in a tube or box I need to know what it is so I can get it lol! ...Thanks! ������ have a wonderful mother’s day!! ❤️

  3. How cute is that dress. I need it in my life!


  4. Everything looks really lovely! I especially adore that striped dress. It is beautiful.

  5. everything looks so lovely! thanks for sharing! :)

    xoxo, rae


  6. Oh, I love them all!

  7. My ultimate weekend....kindof depends. My husband and I love sleeping in so we take turns getting up with the kids but my sleep in day is Saturday so I like to sleep in, then go to a local bakery for cookies, run to the store for weekend munchies, take the kids swimming or hiking or just to a park, then put kids to bed and watch X-Files with my hubby while we munch on goodies. Sunday he sleeps in and I get up with the tiny early risers so we usually just hang out and I get the house clean and do meal prep that day. We usually have people over for dinner too.