Monday, January 1

Welcoming 2018

     The best news for some reason was hearing that the new year was going to start on a Monday. hahaha I can't think of a more refreshing way to start anew than the beginning of a clean new (even) year, on a Monday morning, with snow on the ground and fireworks in the sky, and a dorky hat on my

     Dreaming of the not-too-distant future after the holidays and everything that our family would or could be doing in the new year has helped pull me out of many emotional pits during the last few months. We really did have a sweet and quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas together, and counting our blessings and listing hopes and future plans has been so inspiring and motivating.

     We pulled down the majority of the Christmas decor with the kids on New Years Eve, I gave everyone haircuts while Richard cooked up some grilled cheese, and we wrote up little goal lists with the kids for the next couple of months.

     THIS is the most wonderful time of the year to me:) I might do a little recap of our 2017 since some of you have asked, but overall looking back I feel like we lived each season of the year to the fullest but still at a simple and fun pace.

     It's been good 2017, but I'm so glad to keep moving forward:)


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate the new year! Here is to an even better 2018.

  2. Happy New Year!! I always love keeping up with your sweet family.

  3. I love that January started on a Monday too!

  4. Aww, aren't you two the cutest? Can't wait for the new baby!!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is awesome!!

  6. You guys are adorable! I am the same way--I love that the new year is starting on a Monday. It feels like a true start.


  7. 2018 is bound to be a good one! Can't wait to meet this new baby and find out her name! xoxo.