Friday, March 24

a sweet escape

     Happy weekend my friends:) Looking around at the craziness of life lately and realizing that it's really been a non-stop hustle for years now, I've pretty much accepted that there will never be a time when things 'slow down' like I keep hoping for.

     Life is not meant to be slow, not for me and my family, and not for most of us I imagine. Things will never stop coming at us, so we have to guard our private time more than ever. We have to create our moments of quiet and peace. They have to be deliberate and intentional, and so I'm very happy to be partnering up with Werther's Original in their effort to help people across the country enjoy more 'werth it' moments, to take the time to slow down and enjoy the little things.
     Lately we've been trying to really step back and take it slow, especially during Spring break, but things just seem to come out of nowhere and fill up our days anyways. While keeping busy and being productive is rewarding, slowing down has meant more one-on-one time with each of the kids than I've had in a long time. These are really the kind of moments that you don't forget as a parent and a child, and that's where the Werthers come in:)

     I don't know about most of you guys, but I grew up on Werther's Original candies. Richard and I both realized months ago that they brought back special memories to both of us from our childhoods. For me, it was going into my dad's home office and sitting down to wait until he was off the phone so I could ask him a question, or to simply visit him while he worked. He would smile as he continued his conversation, and then open the jar of Werther's on his desk and hand me one to suck on while I waited. Werther's have always reminded me of special moments like that, like sitting on my dads' lap or of his voice reading to me, and it's been such a special tradition to carry on in our house with my own children. They all love and treasure time with just the two of us, but you grab a bag of candy to share while reading a book together or catching up on their lives, and you're creating a memory that will stay with them... a sweet escape from everything else when they're reminded of just how much they matter to you:)
     Lately, we've switched from the hard candies to their newest flavor, Werther's Original Cocoa Crème Soft Caramels which have a rich chocolate filling wrapped in creamy caramel, and they've quickly become a favorite in our house. I've always loved everything from their product line whether from their hard candies to their sugar-free caramels and even the caramel popcorn, so finally having chocolate and caramel together is what all Werther's lovers have been waiting for.

     All in all, the faster we live life the less emotion is left in the world, because we don't have time to stop and savor and take everything in, to really appreciate things. That's why beginning March 27th, Werther's is helping fans and followers everywhere to have more 'werth it' moments by hosting a Cocoa Creme giveaway. For six weeks, fans can enter to win sweet prizes weekly, as well as a Luxury Spa Getaway Prize for two in Naples, FL at . Because our time will fill up anyways without us working at it, and joy comes to us in the ordinary moments that we risk missing when we get too busy chasing down extraordinary moments. I really believe that once you stop rushing through life, you'll be amazed at how much life you actually have time for.

     Thanks so much for reading, and I'd love to hear of any traditions you have for escaping a bit, or encouraging yourself to take little breaks from your busy life.

Enjoy your Friday guys,

A big thank you to Werther's Original for representing sweet moments throughout my life, and for sponsoring this post. 
Thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that support The Freckled Fox. 
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  1. Love this! My favorite werthers memory is during church as a child, my mom played the piano and my dad led the singing. My sister and I sat with my grandmother, she always had werthers candy in her purse! Mamaw Smith just celebrated her 92nd birthday! She isn't able to go to church anymore, she has dementia and very few things trigger her memory. Ever so often we still have some werthers together. She is the greatest woman I know. A prayer warrior, an epic story teller, so much is lost now due to her dementia. I'm thankful for our great memories I have with her that I'm able share with her. ~Whitney

  2. Ah! Werthers. Such a classic! Every time I see a bag of them, I have to smile. :) I'll have to make special memories with my children so they can do the same one day!

  3. Love little John's ripped jeans, and the photos of both of you are so sweet

  4. These are gorgeous photos. I love your hair. I also really used to love Werthers as a kid - especially when my grandma would give them to me during church to make me stay quiet (:

  5. I totally get that. We keep hoping things will slow down....but they never do! And maybe that's okay.

  6. I absolutely love the soft ones! I didn't know about the chocolate filled ones. Yum! Going to the store today so I think I'll look for some. What a delicious treat to bring home to my kiddos after I've finished traveling!

    How much is he loving Harry Potter??

  7. Love this post and the sentiment behind it :) These always remind me of my Nan & Grandad and spending the Summer with them :)

  8. My introduction to Werthers candies was when I was on a ship traveling from Denmark to Sweden many years ago. A Danish family friend pulled a Werthers out of his coat pocket and gave it to me. Having a Werthers will take me back to that spot every time.

  9. Like other readers, my memories with this candy revolve around church. There was an old gentleman everyone called "the candy man" and he'd hand out tootsie rolls to the kids after church, and Werther's to the adults. Sometimes I'd ask for the adult candy and he always obliged :) He was very sweet man, in every sense of the word.

  10. What a beautiful post Emily! I just love the photos of you and your little ones sharing time together! Werther's always remind me of my Nana. She LOVED them and she shared them with me every time I saw her! Yes, I even had them at church! Ha! Sweet memories!!