Sunday, February 5

weekend wrap-up

THIS WEEK: This week was all California, all warm weather, all hotel sleeping, some classes, a few keynotes, a little bit of volleyball, lots of ice cream and burgers, a bunch of quiet time, some heart chats, some tears, many tight hugs, a couple bumpy flights, too much Dramamine, several late-night thinking/planning sessions, mood-swings, memories, a new audiobook obsession, endless wind in my hair, and a whole lotta smiles. If you didn't know, Richard and I got the opportunity to attend the Altitude Design Summit blogger conference and we were there all of this last week:) We were only able to go thanks to my sweet sister-in-law Robyn and her family, and my good friend Maria and her fam, and it was such a big deal to us. We weren't able to really afford the time or money for any sort of getaway since we've been hitched, and babysitters are really really hard to come by, so it was for sure a big treat, but we were so excited to come home again. We missed the kiddies after the first day, but knew they were having a blast with their sleepovers. It was just the perfect amount of time away, and I feel refreshed and calm and excited for another Monday:)


Lets see what else from this last week... we came home to warmer weather and nearly melted snow, I cracked open a book for the first time in nearly a year, I didn't go to the gym once and ate a ton of junk so I feel like crap:( The kids are all doing really well. There's a great balance of teary heart-to-heart talks and really happy times and giggles, and we have lots of get-togethers with Martin's family and good local friends who have been through it all with us, which is great. Ellie decorated her Valentines box for school and is SO excited, Evie learned to say "you're welcome" and also "meow" when you ask her what kitties say (I about died), we started season 2 of Bones, my stress breakouts are still going strong *eye-roll*, I finally managed a headstand and am like 4 inches away from splits (!), John's hair is longer than ever at nearly past his ears (still trying to decide if I let it keep going or cut it?), Lydia decided that she wants braids "evvy day fo-evvor mama." haha Sophia says she wants to be a good cooker when she 'gwoes up' so she's writing lists of what food she wants me to teach her to make this week, Richard is getting really stoked about riding his motorcycle again once the snow is gone, and I've decided that Eppy gives the best welcome-home greetings ever.

- organize my blogging schedule
- clean the basement carpets after the flooding *more eye-rolls*
- break out my sewing machine and finish a quilt
- publish a YouTube video
- point my face to the sun and breathe it in every day
- kids daily good deeds 
- delete my facebook app
- start on the gallery wall once and for all
- sort a couple more boxes from the garage
practice more boldness and bravery
- more cooking classes with the older girls 
- keep up the family yoga
- make chore charts for the kiddos
- go to the gym six days this week
- remember to guard my time fiercely
- take more time to enjoy and invest in people 


  • Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.
  • Lately I'm trying to tell women when I see beauty in them, whether it's their smile, a cute outfit, great eyebrows, fun hair, etc, and if not I just give them a big smile. The worst that happens is I get funny looks.haha But it's wonderful when you see them melt a bit in embarrassment and give a shy "thank you." It's a good feeling, and it's helping my social anxiety a little too.
  • I don't know the leading causes of heart attacks, but children suddenly appearing by the side of your bed and grabbing your arm is probably one of them. Can I get an amen. 

"Working out is a celebration of what your body can do, 
not a punishment for what you ate." -Women's Health UK

Thanks for hangin' in there with me guys, be back here soon, 


  1. Sounds like a good week! I love the little quote about exercise. What a good way to look at it!

    Nicky Zeeb xx

  2. EMILY!!!! Love this post so much!!! Sounds like you both had a great time. I about spit my drink out when I read "I don't know the leading causes of heart attacks, but children suddenly appearing by the side of your bed and grabbing your arm is probably one of them. Can I get an amen." Haha. I can totally visualize that panic. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  3. How come you want to delete your Facebook app? And I love the idea of trying to tell more women when you see beauty in them. I'm going to take that on as a goal as well.

  4. I'm seriously thinking about deleting my FB. It has not been an enjoyable place to visit for the last year. I thought with the election being over that it would get better but it has not. I don't enjoy it and actually feel sad and stressed just by scrolling my home feed. Not at all worth it. IG and my blog are much more fun!

    So glad you had time away...and hurray for family and friends willing to take your sweet kiddos. :)

    1. I loved that item on the list too. I deleted mine about three weeks ago. I still have all the same problems such as bad health and finances but my anxiety is better, stress is lower, sleep is better, mood is better, outlook is brighter. All from getting rid of Facebook!

  5. Loved this post! Ditto what everyone else said about kids appearing next to your bed and FB. :)

  6. Amen to the heart attack !
    & gah; can I just workout with you ! Full time mommy searching for her balance ....again.

  7. I love your weekend wrap ups! Love reading 'bout the kiddos, your days and how everythings going. Best wishes from Poland :)

  8. I love this post and everything about it: the fact that you got away for a few days, your goal list for the week, your story about complimenting women, the working out quote...everything. You are a beautiful writer!

  9. Oh my! My little Evelyn, who is the brunette version of yours, curls, kooky smile and all, says "meow" too!! IT'S SO CUTE!!! Just soak in all that baby/toddler cuteness while you can. All stages are adorable and heartwarming along with challenges. But I absolutely LOVE 18m to all they way through 3yrs... Why does it have to go so fast! ����

  10. I seriously laughed out loud at the "don't pet the sweaty things." So true.