Tuesday, April 26

Daddy's birthday girl

How is she 5 already?

I still remember every detail of the day she was born. I went into labor on Sunday night, on the 17th, but because of a joke Martin made about how he was hoping to have her as his birthday present, my body decided to keep me in labor until Wednesday morning. She was born at 12:08am on the 20th of April, his birthday:)

She was my smallest baby at just under 9 lbs, also our only early one. She is also the first of our 4 home-births, and even though her labor and delivery were the longest and most taxing, the serenity and beauty surrounding her birth opened up a whole new incredible world for us. Looking back, becoming a mom to two little ones was far more of an intense change than a mom of three and four and five, but I wouldn't change those days for anything.

Sophia is (and has always been) the biggest snuggler out of all the children, and I'll often be standing at the sink or playing the piano and feel her suddenly beside me, wrapping an arm around my waist or gently taking my hand, laying her head against me. Being the oldest of the middle children, and with such a quiet way about her, I take extra care with her to reward her gentleness and tenderness as often as I can.

I love that she still replaces her 'R's with 'W's, though it fades more and more every day.
I love that she puts her tiny warm hands on my cheeks whenever I ask for a kiss goodnight.
I love that she is full-on tomboy one minute, climbing the fruit trees and racing through the pasture, and then full-on princess the next, practicing her curtsy with Ellie, and straightening her crown in the mirror.
I love her frequent requests to be tickled and chased and, and when she hands me a brush out of the blue to smooth the knots out of her hair.
I love seeing her happiness sparkle in her eyes, and how much she loves.

Thank you Soph, for teaching me so many lessons that only you could. 
Happy Birthday to you little sweetheart!

- Love mama


  1. Sweet sweet. I'm always gratified to hear another momma say 2 is the hardest transition! So don't stop at 2, everyone

  2. I love these posts that you write to the kids on their birthdays and they will be so grateful one day. You're an amazing mum and wife xx

  3. You're so precious! I don't know how that is possible with so many challenging things in your life right know but you still manage to brighten up my day with every word you write. And one could argue that is because you weigh them carefully but since the same happens on periscope, I think it's simply your personality!

    I've been thinking so much about you and Martin and I can't imagine how you must be feeling sometimes (I've lost loved ones to cancer, so I've got an idea though), but you continue to be such an inspiration to so many people! You might forget how strong you are sometimes but your strength and positivity shine through every word you write and say, so don't worry, they will always come back to you.

    Stay strong Emily, you're such a Rockstar! (And such a wonderful mom! I love these letters you write to your kids! Even though last post you wrote that you need to try to be more patient with them, the impatience at times is not what they will remember. They'll remember the love behind the words in these letters <3)

  4. Happy birthday to Sophie and to Martin!

    I love these letters your write to your kids on their birthdays. I want to do the same once I have mine. it is really beautiful and a lovely way to remember how they were at that age.

  5. Happy Birthday miss Sophia !
    I'm also the second one, of 6 kids. Having a lot a sibling is such a blessing !
    You are a great mom Emily, I'm praying for you & family.

  6. Oh my goodness, happy birthday Sophie - what a cute picture of you two!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Reading all this makes me wish to come over to the states and help you out haha. I have so much respect for your positivity and power.

    Happy birthday Sophia and Martin!

    lots of love and prayers from the Netherlands,