Saturday, March 19

on the last day of Winter

|| All Photography by Morgan of In Frames Photography
|| Makeup by Sierra Miller 
|| Flower crown by Missstevimarie on Etsy 
|| Necklace via Shop Compliment
|| Dress via Asos 

I can't believe we're really saying goodbye to Winter! Looking back we have so many good memories of this season, and we progressed a lotin many different ways. We also really had great Winter weather with not a lot of wind or rain, and lots of snow! There were actually big snow-falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, and my birthday, which made those holidays extra festive and fun. 

I love those dry days where you can walk through the snow drifts in my boots and a t-shirt because the sun was warm on my skin. I'll miss those days the most, as well as the peace and quiet of snowy nights, the fire burning in the fireplace, the smell of apple cider. 

Thanks to my amazing friend Morgan for this fun stylized shoot to remember Winter, and here's to welcoming in Spring!



  1. Wow! So pretty! These pictures have such an ethereal feel to them. Just lovely! Oh, and I think your hairstyle is one of my favorite hair video tutorials you posted on YouTube - I style my hair this way all the time! It never looks as good as yours but its so fun to try. :-)

  2. OMG ... Such a lovely photo diary. I really really love the nature and of course your hair!

  3. Stunning photography xx

  4. Yet, on the other side of the world, winter is just beginning!

    You look gorgeous x

  5. Absolutely stunning hairstyle - love the floral crown, just gorgeous!


  6. These photos are insanely gorgeous oh my gosh.

  7. I had the same thought as you today, when my son told me he prefer summer, I very like summer, but there so much thing I like about winter, we are bless to have both.
    God bless you Emily.

  8. This is too beautiful!<3

  9. Thanks for sharing...thrilling!

  10. Love the pictures and you too :)
    beautiful Pictures <3 XoXo

    Jennifer Hansen
    Scroll Wedding Invitations @ A2zWeddingCards

  11. Awesome!!! Love it!

  12. Fabulous photographs! Floral crown is looking outstanding. Love the hairstyle. xoxo...