Wednesday, December 2

WIW // the last of t-shirt weather - 5 closet staples

all photos by Carly Jensen 

My sweet friend Carly took these pictures before we had our big snowfall, but I still wanted to share them with you because this has been my U N I F O R M lately. I've literally worn this combo too many times to count. Over and over, and over again the last few months, and now that it's gotten much colder on and off I've just been adding a heavy cardigan or coat for coverage.


T-shirt - Forever21 // I seriously own three of this shirt (also in black and white) because it's ridiculously inexpensive, is the perfect thickness and proportions, and is also incredibly comfy and versatile. If I could only wear one shirt for the rest of my life I'd pick this one.haha

Jeans - H&M // These faded jeans are also so soft and flattering (in my opinion:)), not to mention they go with everything.

Booties - Destin // I instantly fell in love with the pointed toe, and the height nd thickness of the heel. They have just enough heel for me to feel like I'm trying a bit more without hindering my chasing toddlers down if I need to. I also have them in black. love love love.

Shoulder bag - Lily Jade // I'll repeat what I said on IG, this is what  loved bag looks like! It's aged beautifully in the few years that I've used it almost exclusively. But there's still not a loose stitch or worn spot anywhere. I've used if mostly as a purse/diaper bag for my last few kiddos, but also as a camera and laptop bag because of all the pockets. Can't recommend it enough!

Hat - Brixton // I've always had a hard time finding hats that I didn't feel dorky wearing, but this one (probably because this is a mens hat) fits my head so well, and there is no bad hair day that can't be covered up by this hat when I have to run a quick errand.

Also this necklace is a favorite also but I got it long enough ago that I can't remember where from:( I've linked a few similer choices below though for those of you who have requested different options.

OK I think that's everything? Alright then I'm gonna hit the publish button so I can stop Lydia from filling my boots with cheerios:) 


  1. gorgeous pics, may have to head to forever 21 for that shirt :)

  2. So gorgeous!! I'm so sad that t-shirt weather is gone :(. I'm the same, tee's are the easiest thing to grab with busy little babes running around!

  3. I love those booties you're wearing! They're perfect for fall!


  4. nice look, very chic <3

    xoxo, rae

  5. I love that bag its so cute and those boots are perfect!

  6. Fabulous casual outfit, I'm in love with the way how you've styled it!

  7. Stunning outfit - I'm a big fan of your hat <3

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  8. Word to the hat problem. Lucky for you, you look awesome in anything.


  9. I love how you always make basics look dressy! Pretty yet functional at the same time!!!

  10. You always look so stunning. Love the tee and the hat!

  11. Love that tee!! Do you throw yours in the dryer or do you have to hang dry it?