Sunday, March 29

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: The weather started out chillier on Monday and funnily enough got progressively warmer by like 6 degrees as each day passed, which has made this weekend even better! Also it has been so awesome having Lydia walking everywhere this week because she's been so extra sweet and happy, John has decided that "nope" is a really great answer for every instruction I give him.haha Sophie has been drawing non-stop this week and her pictures are amazing! and miss Ellie had a dr's appointment this week to finally go after some little warts she has on her hand poor girly:( But she was brave and is happy to have them going away.
In other news I played laser tag for the first time ever this weekend on a date with Martin and some good friends which was So Fun! I also made my goal of going to the gym three times, but missed one of my cardio days, and lastly we've been trying to film some footage here and there for a weekend vlog! In case you missed the memo I'm going to be much more regular on YouTube, so definitely check that out if you're interested:)

Weekly Snapshots: amazing cherry blossoms around our neighborhood this week // some of my favorite shots from our family shoot with the incredible Justin Hackworth // a little taste of a big surprise that's coming to the blog very soon! (pic by Morgan < 3 ) // a lovely assembly of pastel goodies from Lulu's

To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- have a family yard day
- plan our Easter dinner
- clean off my desk
- film another vlog! :)
- take the girls to Cinderella
- keep up the meal plan
- finish the laundry (story of my life)
- fix the kiddie pool
- keep up with my vitamins
- shave me legsies
- set more gym goals
- catch up on emails
- sort my sewing table off
- whiten my teeth
- do an Easter craft with the kiddos
- Have a great holiday weekend!

A Few Facts: 
  • I still have empty walls in the Nursery, and I need advice as to your favorite shops for wall art or DIY's for what to decorate with!
  • If I was a food this week, I would be Watermelon.. oh wait, that's every week when I'm pregnant!
  • One thing that I'm really not a fan of this pregnancy is gum, or any kind.haha Which is funny because normally I love mint gum like 24/7! Poor people that have to be up close and personal with me.haha What's something you normally love that you disliked while pregnant?

Something To Take Away:
"You can never cross the ocean, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." - via Pinterest
I've Loved that this week! Because too often It's hard to let go of where we're comfortable in order to progress.

Thanks so much for visiting as usual, and I appreciate you so so much! Have a great day!
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  1. This pregnancy, burgers or anything greasy grosses me out and it never has before! I suppose it's a good change. :)

    1. haha that's the attitude! At least I wish I had an aversion to greasy stuff right now as I'm packin' on the pounds.haha

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. OMG, those blossoms!!! Can't wait until we see some blossoms here!


    1. Where do you live? It has been so pretty here this week with them blossoming all over the city! It's too bad they're so short-lived though:( I always feel sad when they come off the trees, but for now I'll just keep shooting pictures.haha


  3. I love the hexagon shelves in this shop for cute and simple wall decor!

    1. Thank you so much! I LOVE that shape and will definitely look into that!

  4. Sounds like a busy but very jolly springtime week! I need to get planning easter dinner too, wishing you a lovely weekend! Katie x

  5. Have you looked at using Apple cider vinegar to get rid of warts? Worked on my sister a treat, much better than what the docs can do. Might be worth giving it a Google?

  6. Have you heard of oil pulling to whiten your teeth? It also supposedly removes toxins from your body--through your gums! I do it as often as I can, and my teeth are always noticeably whiter after just a few days of doing it.

    As for no-go pregnancy foods, I developed an aversion to chicken when I was pregnant for my first, 8 years ago. About a month ago, it suddenly went away and I crave it again! Weird, right?

    And oh, blossoms. My husband traveled to Atlanta today and told me there are tulips blooming. Here in the Colorado Rockies,, that won't be for a month or two. We still have a few big snowstorms coming, most likely. Last year the big snows came right through May--Mother's Day!

  7. Have you heard of laurenishdesign? She does amazing word art and is super affordable! Look her up! It's great! She has a site on etsy.

  8. Emily! You HAVE to see Jessica Leigh's designs! So cute for a girls bedroom. She's from Australia and her art is wonderful! I've ordered from her before a couple times and LOVE every piece.

  9. Why not take some inspiration from your cravings? Here's some super cute watermelon prints I found on Pinterest:

  10. For super cute wall decals try LucyLews or iSignDecalStudio on Etsy - I've ordered from both and they are great, easy to work with and the decals are easy to put up. Plus no holes! :)

  11. One of my friends told me this about shaving her legs: "If someone is close enough to see that I haven't shaved my legs, they are close enough to kick in the face!" :)

  12. I'd check out Etsy and some inexpensive printable quotes or illustrations. There are some really gorgeous designs out there. I bought a couple of cute ones and then had them professionally printed by a photo printer on large paper. They turned out beautifully xx

  13. This is random, but I noticed on your list of things to do was to fix the kiddie pool, so I was wondering if you know of any ways to keeping kiddie pool water clean. We already scoop out critters and things with a net, but the water gets yucky. I hate having to waste that much water! Thanks foxy lady

  14. I made some bunting for my toddler and my babies room - something they wont grow out of for years and so easy to do yourself!

  15. I made bunting for my toddler and my baby's rooms, really easy and something they won't grow out of for a long time. I hope!