Wednesday, February 11

February Favorites | My Valentine's Wish list

Happy Wednesday peeps! I haven't had a wish list on here in ages, and so I figured love-week would be the perfect time to share one!  A lot of these have long been saved in various online shopping carts, and a few I'll probably never ever see on my door-step, but a girl can dream right?! Here are my February favorites:
1 | Michael Kors Runway Watch           2 | Apricot Pocket Long Sleeve Longline Coat            3 | So Kate Patent Leather Pump           4 | Julep Courtney Says I Do Too! 5pc Collection           5 | Madewell Transport Tote           6 | J. Crew Metallic Leather Pouch           7 | TooFaced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette           8 | Centennial Stripe Passport Cover            9 | The Courtney Bib           10 | Show Me Lace Dress           11 | Tom Ford Lip Color in Alexander           12 | Nars VelvetLip Liner in Nihwatu           13 | ByredoGypsy Water Body Wash           14 | Heart of Gold Mug           15 | Floral Patterned Smoking Flats           16 | Peach Longline Woolen Coat           17 | Swizz Style Aroma Diffuser           18 | Vernon – Black laser-cut peep-toe heel           19 | KateSomerville Goat Milk Cream

This little collage makes my eyes sparkle a bit I confess.haha As you can see I'm really looking forward to Spring and am letting pastels and nudes greatly influence my wants for this month!:) Frankly I love a big bouquet of roses just as much as the next girl, but in retrospect I'd probably rather something from this list wrapped up on my pillow for Valentines day so I could get more use out of it.haha What type of V-day gift would be your ideal?

Thanks for visiting lovely! and please share if any of these items are on your wish list as well? Or maybe you already have one or two (or more?!) and would like to share what you think about it? I'd really appreciate it! Take care:)

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  1. I am really loving the mug and the flats ((heart:eyes))

  2. I love these. Kate Somerville cream has been on my wish list for so long. We just need to go ahead and make the splurge, right? For Valentines day I want the new Father John Misty album...and some chocolate...All of the chocolate. Thanks for the post! Xo

  3. Cute! I like the Pink heels, mug and flats.

  4. these all just look like you! let us know what you get and give.

  5. Love the peach coat! Such a pretty shade.

  6. Hubby skipped the roses this year and booked me an hour massage at a luxury spa that I've been dying to try but couldn't justify the price... He knows the way to my heart, I picked a good one :)

  7. Ahhh... I need that watch!

    Much love from

  8. The flats, the mug, the watch... Well, pretty much everything!!! Lovely!
    The Chronic Dreamer