Tuesday, February 17

Baby fever favorites

1. Lion towel   |   2. Age blocks   |   3. Pink cloud mobile   |   4. Flat bunny   |   5. Fair isle onesie   |   6. Teething ring   |   7. Moose beanie   |   8. Bird art print   |   9. Super soft chevron blanket   |   10. Play gym   |   11. Blue bird rattle   |   12. Soothing baby oil   |   13. Cloud leggings   |   14. Stuffed cat toy   |   15. Batman onesie

In the last month since I've felt so much better I've been working hard to get our house and routine back on track and organized, and it's been wonderful! I always go through a big nesting phase with my pregnancies where I want to sort everything and organize everything, so it's been great to able to do that with the whole house-not just the nursery.

In all our work though I've definitely spent too much time scrolling around pinterest for inspiration and baby goodies, and I've been so caught up in baby fever with all the fun little things, I hope you don't mind my sharing this little collection with you!

I'll probably ask this on my other social media channels, but if there are any favorite shops or companies you love and think I should check out, I'd love for you to share in the comments!
Take care today,
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  1. I love the idea of the age blocks. So cute!

  2. Oh the sweet baby items <3 Glad to hear you're feeling better, your never-ending happy spirit is always an inspiration Emily! If you want to check out some cute handmade baby booties then please come visit my page Http:// Maybe you find something you would like? - Alexandra, The Netherlands

  3. Check out Asher+Crew for some awesome leggings and shorts!

  4. Come visit us on! We have tons of new mom-to-be and baby items in bundles or for sale individually :)

  5. such cute picks. I have baby fever too as I am due with my first in May.. such an exciting time!! xxo