Saturday, January 31

Let the baby notes commence

Happy Weekend! I'm in a really relaxed mood right now because I just got like a 10 minute knee message from my two-year-old with his fire-truck.haha And I figured now was a good a time as any to launch this little girls Maternity Series, finally!

I loved doing this with my last two kiddos, and knew I wanted to continue it on with this little peanut, but the time just got away from me and I'm starting really late! I even planned on posting this on Monday, though I was a week late (my OCD wouldn't let me start on the 21st week), so now I'll have to post twice next week to catch up.haha But I figure half-way through will still give me lots of time to write notes, and it's just a relief to get it off the ground! So here is #1:)

Thanks so much for reading, and if by some chance you'd like to read through Lydia and John's  letters (no judging :)), they're at the end of each outfit through this link
Take care and have a fabulous rest of your weekend, and new month ahead!!!


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  1. This is too sweet for words! I know Your little babies will feel priceless when They are old enough to understand what You did and wrote. This is something I think I'll be doing someday if I do get blessed with a good husband and a baby :)!
    ^_^ Good luck!!!

    The Chronic Dreamer

  2. I can't believe how tiny you still are! I already feel like a watermelon and we're due just a few days apart.

  3. Oh, I love these! You are the cutest darn thing, always inspiring in all you do;)

  4. What a wonderful idea to write little notes ♥

  5. I loved your last series so much that I decided to do something similar for our second baby due in July over on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration to connect with my baby! And congrats ;)