Tuesday, September 9

Hair Tutorial: D&G Inspired Textured Double Ponytail

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Happy Monday guys:) I have a new hair tutorial for you today! There's a little story behind this particular messy style, but before I get to sharing I'll just let you take a look at it how about that.haha
Pretty simple right? Well anyway's you'll already know this if you follow on Instagram, but we just got back from a little road-trip to a cousin's wedding in the mountains over the weekend! We had a lot of fun and I spent a chunk of the car ride reading through the Fall fashion issues of of Vogue, Instyle, and ELLE magazine which I snagged at Target before we left. 
I'm not a big magazine reader most of the time but I do love collecting some good-looking Fall fashion editions each year (also when you buy two of the three you get a $5 Target gift-card which was a big bonus:) only till September 13th though!), and I must say I am so in love with the trends this Fall! I was mostly drawn to the hairstyles of course which included lots of middle parts, messy textures, and ponytails. 
There are lots of easy and effortless hairstyle trends that I'll be sharing here, but this one in particular was inspired by one of the models in a fun and artistic Dolce and Gabbana ad! Hence the oh so serious facial expression.haha It took me less than 10 minutes, required no heat, very little product, and no teasing! Also I started with day old hair and my hair is naturally wavy, so if your texture is more straight and you're looking for more body and texture than you could curl or crimp it a bit first to get a fuller, softer look:) 

Tools & Supplies:
dry shampoo      //      teasing comb      //      2 hair-ties      //      hairspray      //  

Steps 1-3: (1) Start by spraying on some dry shampoo or root pump for texture and grip, (unless you already have hairspray or other product in your hair) working it into your scalp with your finger tips. (2) Give yourself a severe centered part and comb the hair straight away from your part. (3) Loosen the hair from your scalp with your fingertips. 
Steps 4-6: (4) Pull the top half of your hair back by starting at your temples and meeting your fingers in the back. (5) Comb the back of the section with your fingertips a bit and tie it back with a hair-tie. Hold the hair-tie with one hand and (6) tug the hair out a bit with your other hand. 
Steps 7-9: Spray the top section with hairspray and move onto the bottom. (7) Pull the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail, and (8) tighten it with two hands, fraying the hair out a bit to make it messy. (9) Wrap a small section of hair around the top ponytail to cover the hair-tie, and you're all done mi'lady!
I really don't have much more to add about this ponytail because as you can see it's just super fast and messy/voluminous, and I've already said all that needs to be said about it! haha As always I really appreciate you visiting, and I love to hear your feedback if you have any! Feel free to always ask me any questions you may have, because I love chatting it up with you, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day today!
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  1. Very nice! I used to love fashion magazines but have fallen a little out of love with them. September issues are special however. Can I ask what shampoo and conditioner you like to use?

  2. So cute! Not sure how it would look on me, but worth a shot!!

  3. this looks great! will definitely be having a go myself!

  4. Really great, Emily. I love the texture and the messy ponytail!

  5. I definitely want to try this, it looks gorgeous!
    I hope it will look as good on shorter hair though!

  6. I will give a try tomorrow ! it seems so easy and look great !
    everything suits you!!! you are so beautiful.

  7. I am impresed every time I look at you hair. :) Need to try make a pony tail.

  8. I have wild wavy hair, so I think this look would work for me! Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is too cute! I have much, much shorter hair but I'm gonna try still.

  10. Gorgeous! I love it!


  11. Hi Emily!
    I'm pretty new to your great website and I love it! I love everything about it, but the hairstyles are my favorite. I have a hard time with hairstyles online because most just don't work for me. I have a lot of thick wavy crazy hair, so most of them are hard to do. But your hairstyles are so cute, easy, and they really work for me!
    xo Kristen

  12. Love your hairstyle tutorials, you make it so simple to follow and attempt to recreate. Mine never end up looking a lovely as yours though!

  13. I never thought it was possible to be in love with someones hair... until now! Love this style and your hair is stunning :)

  14. Really Like this style for long hair , going to try it this week!

  15. What a wonderful style for long hair , going to try it this week!