Wednesday, August 20

More House Progress // Family/Playroom Inspo

This last week we've been working on painting the last room (the 'window room' or 'family room') in our house that's been without fresh paint and general TLC since we moved in a few years ago now, and today we installed the carpet ourselves completing the renovations! Now I can get to sewing the curtains and picking through the thrift stores for a few furniture pieces and other decor we're hoping to score. I've been looking over playrooms on pinterest since we're going to be outfitting it so the kids can spend tons of time in there together, and I thought I'd share a few favorite rooms from my inspo board!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

As you can see I'm really inspired by lightness and simplicity! We've already painted the walls and ceiling a country white, and the carpet has various shades of beige and brown. We're also going to add in a our sleeper couch so it can double as a guest room if need be! 

As for decor I have a couple small cubbies already for toys and books, and we'll be adding a little table and benches for them to do projects. I'd love to maybe make a teepee for them to play in, and I also love the idea of maybe adding a chalkboard to the room as well as a few small mounted bookshelves, and maybe also some fun and whimsical pieces of art! I've been going crazy with decorating and rearranging rooms in the house lately, which is weird since I'm not nesting and it's not Spring! haha but either way I've caught the bug and it's been so great to finally get these things done:)

Thanks for your interest in seeing the room progress! I know you can't offer too much input without seeing the room, but if you've decorated kids rooms before and would like to share any advice or favorite shops, etc, I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have! Thanks for reading today, and have a great day!
P.S. In case you're interested in keeping up with my videos that won't necessarily be on the blog:) :

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  1. Oh i love it !!! Especially the third inspi ;)

  2. Alexa Z Design on Etsy is my absolute favorite person to go to for great prints and artwork, especially for children's rooms and playrooms. Look her up on Etsy. You'll fall in love!

  3. I really like the all white room in the second picture! But I wonder if it will get dirty fast... ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  4. I love the ideas for the room! Chalkboard and teepee are great!

  5. Where is your sleeper couch from? It looks so cozy!

    1. It is! We got ours from Costco, if that helps:) At first I thought you were thinking these rooms were in my house, but since there aren't any sleepers in these I'm assuming you've seen my actual sleeper somewhere else.haha
      Hope that helps!