Friday, August 1

Friday Finds #98

This week I found...
1  | this set of 8 stilla glosses that I found on sale at nordstrom are so cheap, definitely I need
2  | really love the simple design of these kate spade tassel heels, and the black version is pretty too,
3  | I've tried and failed to wear tulle skirts before but this chiffon skirt I found this week may work for me,
4  | these buffalo bone earrings jumped out at me while I was browsing a link from a friend. chic! 
5  | this foggy mountain scene is making me ache so badly for that cabin trip I've been talking about, 
6  | this amazzzing looking pasta with asparagas and lemon is just what I need right now for sure, 
7  | I've never actually had a cannoli, but I'm big into tarts lately and this one looks awesome,   
8  | this rebel shirt looks like the perfect shade of grey,  
9  | this striped ipad mini case from kate spade is exactly what I've been looking for, though its sold out:(
10  | I've been reading a lot about body brushing this past week. have you tried it? does it do anything?

Thanks so much for visiting! We have some fun things scheduled this weekend and I hope you have your own fun weekend ahead:) Look forward to next week, because there's a lot of great things coming to the blog this month!
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  1. I tried on those Kate Spade tassel heels in store because I really liked them too--beware, they were SO uncomfortable. No cushioning whatsoever. It may have been a personal preference or something but they hurt the second I put them on...beware! They are so cute though, I agree.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  2. That skirt is so pretty! It's perfect for summer and I love how it's so girly! I've never tried dry brushing before but I'm interested in how it goes with you :)

    Every Day In Grace

  3. I didn't know brushing was a thing! I've been doing it for the past 2 years or so, because a naturopath I went to recommended it as a form of skin cleansing. I don't know that it made such a huge difference, the main benefit to me is that it's a very good way to exfoliate your entire body w/o any chemical or oily substance, and that has many advantages (no more ingrown hair, you get even tanning - natural or with tanning lotions and such...).
    I got mine at iHerb, it was the cheapest back than :P

  4. The skirt and those earrings are amazing. As for brushing, I used to do it, and I do feel like my skin was better for it, but I was just too lazy to keep it up. Maybe I should start again

  5. The skirt and those earrings are amazing. I used to do body brushing a while back, and to be honest I feel like it did benefit my skin, but I was just too lazy to keep it up. Maybe I should start again

  6. Dry brushing is really nice! Especially on the legs (no more ingrown hair) or on the back, as my skin is not best there and it helps to prevent those nasty littele outbrakes, as the skin stays smooth. I have one big brush (as on your pic) for my body and a tiny very soft one for my face. My cheeks tend to be a little dry and the brush removes old skin particles much better than any other peeling without irritating my skin.

  7. That skirt! I have a thing for chiffon maxi skirts - I already own a few, but a nude one is probably necessary too.

  8. that tart looks absolutely amazing!

  9. Such great picks! That tart looks super yummy x

  10. I am loving the Kate Spade mini iPad cover I am wanting one for my regular iPad! Or even my laptop! :D