Tuesday, June 17

What I Wore// Black and White Forever + a bit of randomness

Hi guys! So forget trends, forget seasons, forget textures, comfort and all the rest. do you have a color that you are drawn to in your wardrobe all the time without meaning to be? Well black is my 'color', and has been for as long as I can remember. I know it's not cheerful or bright or happy which I feel like I am most of the time, and honestly if you were to ask me my favorite color I would probably say white, or blue, or anything besides black.haha But it's just my default color. It always looks nice, it's always flattering, it's always goes with every accessory and pattern, every type of metal. It just always has my back:)
just a little p.s, that's my phone in my pocket, not my pointy bum.haha
I know the title of this post if black and white forever and that's because I end up pairing black with white 80% of the time. Since white is kind-of taboo with 4 little kiddos running around however, the white only comes in small doese, like in this outfit.haha  
Side note: If  you follow on Instagram you've already seen my Father's Day treat to myself: this tiny M innetial necklace (for Martin of course:)) from Shop Compliment! I've been wanting one for ages but I'd never found the right one till I saw this one in Melissa's beautiful shop. Which btw you can get a quick 15% off your order by signing up for the newsletter, so go check it out! :)
Another side note since this is it's first appearance in an outfit: this amazing camera bag from Jo Totes that you've seen in many of my monthly wishlists is finally mine!! I love it to itty bitty pieces, and use it everywhere I take my equiptment these days (which is just about everywhere). Also I'll be doing a What's In My Camera Bag very soon, so be sure and leave any questions you may like me to answer in that post!
glasses - c/o forever21 // earrings - forever21 // necklace c/o shop compliment // shirt - ross // pants - tjmaxx // shoes - ross // camera bag - c/o jo totes

So now I gotta know(back to our original topic), which color always has your back? which one never lets you down? what's your go-to color? or do you have one? or two? let me know! haha heck maybe even leave a link to your latest post in your favorite color so I can come see! :) 

We've been making great progress around here in and outside the house, and I'm happy to say with all this progress that per-your-request there will be room tours coming to the blog very soon! I'm loveing these little renovations you guys, and I can't wait to show you:) I hope you've been having a great week so far, and I hope you come back here tomorrow for something extra fun!
Take care guys:)

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  1. love those stripes on you!
    XO Ellen

  2. I'm always drawn to gray and pink!

  3. I love the striped black and white top!

    xo - Sheila

  4. This outfit looks so comfy and adorable! I love that you paired it with a braid...I am always super jealous of your gorgeous red locks ;)

  5. Black is a classic color so, of course, it's natural to be drawn to it :)

    Liz @ www.shoppingmycloset.com

  6. gorgeous :)

  7. Totally classic and adorable--black would be my favorite color if it looked as good on me as it does on you :)


  8. My six year old daughter was just laughing at me about this! She knows my favorite color is pink, yet I have almost all black clothes and nothing pink in my closet! Black is just so easy to wear, it's my default, too;)

  9. I'm with you, black has always been my go-to color as well.

  10. This is so pretty :) I love to see you in ballet flats!

    dance a real

  11. I always buy blue. Always. And I am particularly susceptible to the purchase of blue and white striped shirts, or dresses, or shoes...anything navy striped. This works well most of the time, except I also enjoy orange and green, which isn't nearly as prevalent in my wardrobe.

  12. Sweet pictures and a great look! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  13. Adorable outfit! I actually have the same shirt on right now haha

  14. Great Post! and what is in the camera bag? :) (it's beautiful!)

  15. Blue is my go to color, I'm always drawn to it and have to make an effort to choose a different color if a piece of clothing is offered in several colors. However I also love black, I've almost decided to weed out all the brown in my wardrobe so that I only need shoes that are complimentary to black!

  16. Gorgeous! And can I just say how perfect your braid is? I love it! And for the life of me would never be able to duplicate. :P

  17. This top is so cute, I love the detail on the shoulders!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. Ooo, lovely outfit. As for the Jototes camera bag, I was thinking of getting it too. I'd like to know if it would fit all of my mommy stuff: newborn diapers, 2 year old diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, changes of clothing, my canon dslr with it's 50mm lens attached, and other bits and ends for mommy like wallet, phone, notebook, lotion, lip balm...


  19. You are very creative. You always transform an ordinary place to an art place when you take the photos. Really nice the background and of course you look terrific.

  20. You always look SO good, Emily! That's just such a perfect blackandwhite combo. I'm a black/white girl all the way...it's so versatile and classy, yet easy and timeless. You really can't go wrong with it!


  21. You look amazing! I LOVE that necklace, it is so pretty!

  22. I love those shoes! Black is my color too. Far too many years being a roadie and wiping my hands on my pants as I go about my day means anything lighter than black gets dirty VERY quickly. The upside is any color we wear with black pops out and looks awesome!