Saturday, June 7

A Bit on Slowing Down | by emily meyers

Happy Saturday you guys! I remember my dad used to have a saying he'd use a lot when I was little-something about spreading your butter on too much bread? Well that's about how I've been feeling lately with several big and many small things interrupting our regular routine, but I realized that I've got to be more flexible in the future so I don't get derailed so easily. I've got to do a little less, prioritize a little better, and slow down.
I come from a long line of chronic over-achievers. Wonderful, hard-working people that always have kept their plates way too full (sorry about all the idioms in this post.haha) because that's just who they are and they thrive on that. Even though I'm the same way, I've been changing over the years to where it's much easier for me to just drop things and drive off into the sunset with my family, to say no once in a while, and to slow down a little more, but I'm still working at it! Aren't we all? :)

I've posted a quote to instagram several times I know that says "Stop the glorification of busy", and while some people may read that as "be lazy" and disapprove, to me it simply means to not fill up the to-do list just because there are a few extra lines at the bottom (ocd right here:)), and to take time to smell the flowers
it means sitting down at the piano to play,
stopping to listen to the sounds of the wind or the rain,
reading through a new magazine from cover to cover,
shutting off my phone and computer,
singing along with regina in the kitchen,
watching a movie without doing six other projects at the same time,
taking more videos of my kids,

Living in the moment.

Having kids really makes time pass before your eyes, and sometimes as I stare at my now 4 year old and remember every detail of her birth, I can so easily get emotional at the thought that she is growing so fast and these moments with her like this will come and go forever.
Time passes so quickly, and I refuse to miss out on the sweetest parts of my life because I was keeping so 'busy' that I wasn't all present for them. Start your day thinking about what you really truly want out of that day, and than fight to achieve it.

Sorry for getting all nostalgic and deep.haha Martin and I are in Boise today for a little day trip to the Bodybuilding Fit Expo and the competition, also we'll probably get a little time to eat somewhere fun and maybe visit a few different stores then we have in our city! So feel free to follow along on Instagram if you'd like, and I hope you take time this weekend for those moments that really make the best memories, and I'm so glad that you visited today! have a great weekend my people,

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  1. I don't have children yet, but I feel the whole "life goes by too fast" thing is applicable to most. We just have to be aware of ourselves & the time in order to utilize it efficiently. :] // ☼

  2. Such a true post. We all have such busy lives and society is constantly telling us we must do more not less!

  3. Hey Emily, I can totally relate to you mama. I think also when you become a mother, your plate is ALWAYS full because on top of wanting to achieve all the goals in your life, you are also juggling the role of a wifey and mother and you are, in a sense, taking care of your kids as well. I only have 1 but I can't even imagine how you do it with 4! :) You are the complete opposite of lazy. We are all human and at the end of the day, sometimes we just need to take a breather and do exactly as you said - live in the moment. As we get older, life goes by SUPER fast and it's important to bask in those small moments because they mean the most to us. :)

  4. That's true the time gone. I am 42 year old and I have a blessing to have my first child. My petite Coraline. Before her, my mind was always living in the future. Suddenly I got pregnant. I had my beautiful daughter and my life changed. My clock stopped. I started to live at my age the present. I'm sorry Emily for my English grammar. English is my third languages but I only wanted to confirm you that live the moment is something that sometime happen suddenly but also you can propose that everyday. I continue planning the future and remember the past, but Now I am living the present. Everyday something magical happen and you have to live the moment to see it.

  5. Inspiring post as always. I totally agree with you, having kids makes time go quicker somehow, I constantly struggle with work, housework and raising two kids as a single Mum. I want the best for them, feel I have so much more to prove because I am single and yet I don't want to miss out on those precious times. I guess being organised and prioritising is the only way to go about it. Have a great week everybody :)

  6. Did your Dad like Tolkien? That quote is from "The Hobbit." Bilbo says, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” I've always used it to describe what you've been feeling.

  7. This is all so true. Life is so full of things to do! -Hanna Lei

  8. This is a very beautiful post Emily! :-) This competition in Boise sounds like the perfect start, enjoy it! I've been doing my best to "stop and smell the roses" every now and then as well, because life gets hectic sometimes. When I feel overwhelmed with everything that's going on, It really helps me to just go outside and go on a walk. I sometimes take our dogs, or ask Kenneth to come along. 5 minutes can be enough for me to feel re-energized and be ready to tackle my to-do lists. With life already feeling so busy without kids, I can only imagine what your daily schedule looks like with those 4 cuties around! ;-) ♥

  9. This post is so spot on. It's easy to take too much on, especially when they're all things you want to do but taking time to stop and smell the roses - for lack of a better saying, is something I've been working on too! Xo, D

  10. Funny - this post comes along about 3 weeks into my own mission to simplify - getting rid of excess to make room for the important. Then today I came across this blog post (not mine) and thought you might enjoy it:

  11. My new mantra is 'Have Less. Do More. Be More'...I've been really trying to lighten the load and to celebrate more moments than things. I feel so much more at peace with myself. This is a beautiful post, more people should read it, and so I will be sharing via Twitter.